The Web Reformation Kit for Churches

Is your church website hard to update? Is it mobile friendly? Does it look old and outdated? Does your church need help with email, video, Facebook?

This Web Reformation Kit includes 7 easy to follow steps with one video tutorial in each step. There's more useful information for churches here than you could find anywhere else in one place.

Get it for yourself or for church staff, or someone on the church council. It's helpful. It's valuable. It's free!

Every church should have this information. Every church needs it!


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Church Website
Your church website can be easy to change, clean, and organized. And mobile friendly!

  • Easy to Change
  • Clean and Organized
  • Mobile Friendly

Your Congregation
Communication is very important. Your website will work with your email and social media. Use Video for messages, sermons and special events.

  • The easiest way to record video at church
  • Great video & sound

Reach Out
How to use Facebook to reach so many more people including your own congregation. Tie Facebook together with your website and use Video!

  • What to post on Facebook
  • Integrate Facebook in your Website


  • Can’t find what I’m looking for - We'll cover the best ways to fix this
  • Cluttered and unorganized - We'll give you easy templates to follow. And good advice!
  • Congregation doesn’t use it - We'll give them a reason to use it
  • Don’t know which website solution to choose - We have a great recommendation.
  • Hard to update our website - This recommendation is so easy it makes it fun!
  • Website has an old and outdated look - Another problem we'll help you solve with something newer & better.
  • Not mobile friendly - We've got that covered too
  • Our staff doesn’t have control of the website - A common problem, we'll discuss how to fix this
  • People cannot easily interact or communicate using our website - Another common problem we'll fix
  • Hard to find the church service times - An easy fix, we'll help
  • Hard to find where the church is located - Another easy fix for you
  • Hard to find the phone number of the church office - We've got this covered
  • Hard to find who the pastors (and staff) are - Another problem fixed
  • When staff changes it’s hard to add and remove email addresses - A little more hassle but we've got a solution
  • We’d like to share sermons and special events but don’t know how - Great idea, we'll show you how
  • Video of the sermons would be nice. ? - Another great idea we'll cover it!
  • Don’t know how to add Facebook to our Website - We'll show you how, step by step

Click the button to get the Free Web Reformation Kit for Churches

Yes! I Want the Free Kit!

Imagine your church website being easy to update, always accurate and filled with useful information, used by more people both within your congregation and outside visitors, and is fun to use and fun to work with. That’s the kind of website your church should have.


  • There is a way to handle these problems that won’t cost much and won’t take much time. In fact it can save a lot of time while saving cost.
  • An easy way to organize your website so people can find what they need
  • Easy to update the website, quick tutorials show how in just a few minutes
  • Mobile friendly platform that works great on desktops, tablets, and smartphones
  • Easy way to add and remove email addresses using free google email accounts with your own domain name (
  • How to use YouTube to easily save and display your videos on your website - sermons and special events can be saved, displayed, and archived for the future.
  • How to get the best sound and picture quality in your videos, including which tools and equipment work best yet still cost very little.
  • How to add your Facebook Page to your Website
  • How to make your Facebook Page successful

Solve the problems of a tired old website that’s hard to keep updated. Get the quick and easy info on the new technology (much of it's free) that’s easy to use today. Learn how easy changes can be implemented. Steps that are actually very quick and cost effective. Get your free Web Reformation Kit for Churches and solve all your web problems.

I've been building websites for over 10 years. I've seen so many church websites that really need improvement. I have a lot of knowledge and experience with this, so I'd like to help. Thanks for your interest! ~ Jeff Meland


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Click the button to get the Free Web Reformation Kit for Churches

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