Web Kit for Small Businesses

Avoid Mistakes and Get More Business with the Web so You Can Beat Your Competition

How to Make Facebook Work Better for Your Business (Ads too!)

Talk about your customer's problems in your Facebook posts and ads. Then offer help to fix those problems. DON'T focus on your own business products or services. At least not initially.

Facebook posts and ads should NOT look like ads. DON'T try to sell. DO try to connect and be useful. Offer free tips and advice.

When running ads target the people who would be interested in your offers. DON'T waste money showing ads to the wrong people. Use the right settings. See: How to Get More Exposure on Facebook.

How to Beat Your Competition on Google

Claim your Google Directory Listing and fill it in with accurate, complete information. Get reviews on your Listing. See: How to Use the Power of Your Google Directory Listing to Beat Your Competition. Having just a few reviews can bump your listing up above your competition. Especially if they have no reviews (many businesses don't). You should also have a website that contains basic search optimization.

A Quick Way to Get on Page 1 of Google (Really!)

By using YouTube you can get on Page 1 of Google relatively easy. You'll need to create a video and use the correct words in the title such as "how to" or "tutorial" along with the rest of the title. See: How to Attract Customers with YouTube Videos

How to Get More Exposure on Facebook

Important Facebook Basics

  • Set up your Facebook Page with accurate information and a nice cover photo.
  • Don't use a new login. Use your personal Facebook login. You'll always use Facebook with your personal login. You can do everything you need to do for your business pages and advertising with the same personal login.
  • When working with your business page use the Facebook business manager, or use the Facebook Pages app on mobile devices.

Facebook Power Tips

  • Don't try selling directly from Facebook, make connections instead
  • Your posts and ads must be entertaining, fun, or helpful. Never boring. Be different. Make your ads fun or useful.
  • Make a plan and stick to it
  • Try variations of ads, discard the duds, continue the winners
  • USE RETARGETING! This involves showing Ads to people who have visited your website or engaged with you on Facebook.

Facebook link to Create Page or Ads: click here

Don't underestimate the power of this. Most people don't know much about this. It makes a huge difference. It'll help you get the most from Facebook for your business.

Almost everyone gets Facebook Advertising wrong. Their ads are boring or annoying. How to you make ads that are not boring and not annoying? Don't focus on yourself. Focus on your customers. Focus on their problems. Then offer solutions to those problems. This is so important. And it works! - More on this below...

Top 3 Website Changes for Better SEO

1. Use optimized Page Titles that are different for every page of your website. The page title shows when you hover over the tab in your browser. It's the title of the search listings on the Google search pages. It's defined on each page with the title tag like the image below shows. Most web software like WordPress will allow you to easily edit the page title for each website page.

html page title

2. Organization Each website page should focus on a specific topic. If you offer 5 different services you should have 5 separate pages with each focusing on one of those services. Categorize the content. Within each page you can further categorize using second and third level headings.

3. Don't use too many links to other websites. However, a small number of links to other websites is good if relevant. Use links to other pages within your own website. This is called internal linking.

For Businesses with Local Customers be sure to CLAIM and FILL IN your Google Business Directory Listing. This is the listing that corresponds to the Google Map. It's heavily used and is one of the best things you can do to get found on Google by local customers. In the Ultimate Web Kit I show on screen exactly how to do it.

Get logged into your Google account (Gmail account) and go here - Most businesses may already have an existing listing. Try find yours and claim it. If it's not there you can create one.

Fast Improvements: Google has more than 200 variables it uses in calculating search results for each website. I've come up with a list of the TOP 20 that help the most AND are the easiest to apply. My TOP 20 list is included in the Ultimate Web Kit. You can find other SEO tips but this is the only TOP 20 that is sorted by BOTH the most effective AND the easiest to do.

Fast Facebook Ads Tutorial

There are many tutorials available online. Facebook has good help here and there are many video tutorials on YouTube. But in this one we'll hit the most important points as fast as possible.

Interestingly, when you set up your Facebook Ads Account for the first time, the only way to do it is let it happen automatically when you create your first ad. Previously we could simply go to a specific page with the settings. But this doesn't work anymore. Seems that Facebook wants to force you to create an Ad. Through the Ad creation process you'll be prompted for your contact info and credit card info.

Fast Google Ads Tutorial

You can find many tutorials about Google Advertising on YouTube. You can spend hours and hours watching them. For a faster lesson just watch my video below. It even includes some things that other videos don't mention.

How to Attract Customers with YouTube Videos

...even Show Up on Page 1 of Google!

You'll need a YouTube account so you can upload a video. The name of the video should match the search phrase you want to rank for. For example, "smartphone tutorial for beginners". Check Google for your topic and see what words people commonly use for searching for your topic. Use the same phrase in the description of your video. Fill in the other details in the video settings too.

YouTube videos show up on Google searches when people search for "tutorials" or "how to" information. They'll often show on Page 1 of Google! They also show for "entertainment" and "reviews". So you need to use one of those keywords in your video title. For example "How to fix a broken dryer" or "Facebook Ads Tutorial". Another big tip is to write at least 150 words in the description of the video.

I created a simple YouTube video and it showed on Page 1 of Google in 1 hour! In the Ultimate Web Kit you'll see the exact step by step process of how I did this. As you can image, it's very beneficial to have your videos showing up on Page 1 of Google. It's amazing that this powerful technique is not used more. Get the Ultimate Web Kit here.

Reach 5 Times More People with a Facebook Boosted Post

This is easy to do. When you boost a post you always get many default settings. This makes it fast to create an ad and start spending money. Good for Facebook. Maybe not for you.

But there is one setting you can change to reach more people with your boosted post (Ad). It's called the "Optimization for Ad Delivery". This setting is in the "Ad Set" under the "Optimization and Delivery" section.

The default for this setting is "Post Engagement" which means Facebook will try show the Ad only to people who are more likely to engage (like, share, comment). This is often OK but if you want to reach 5 times more people then change it to either "Impressions" or "Daily Unique Reach".

These last 2 options are similar except "Daily Unique Reach" limits showing your Ad to the same person only once per day. Impressions just shows it as many times as possible.

Change the setting from "Post Engagement" to "Reach":
Change to:

The Ultimate Web Kit includes a video that shows how to change this setting along with more explanation. You'll also see How to Get 8 Times More Clicks on a Facebook Ad!

How to Use the Power of Your Google Directory Listing to Beat Your Competition

This is possibly the most important thing to do if you have local customers. It even helps if you don't have a website.

The Google Business Directory corresponds to the Google Map. When people search for businesses, products, and services online the first thing to show up is the most relevant business directory listings with the most reviews.

It's so important for a business to claim, verify, and accurately fill in the information for their listing.

You'd only "claim" a listing if it exists for your business without you creating it. If it doesn't exist you can create it.

The verification process is done with either a phone call or a post card along with a 5 digit code that you enter to prove the validity of your business.

When you have control of your listing you can add photos and information. You should fill it in as completely as possible. Make sure it's accurate and matches the contact information on your website exactly.

To help rank your listing higher get some reviews. There's a really easy way to get reviews. It's covered in the Ultimate Web Kit. It's so easy to do. I have a client using this simple method and they've gotten 25 excellent reviews in a couple months. And they're continuing to build more every day. Very easy to do. You'll easily beat your competition with this simple method.

The Ultimate Web Kit shows exactly how to do this along with a short video tutorial.

Get the Ultimate Web Kit for Small Businesses

The Ultimate Web Kit for Small Businesses is an expanded version of the Web Kit.

It includes on screen step by step demos so you can see exactly what to do. It's the perfect outline to maximize your online presence and get more customers using the Web.

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