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Is Your Website Broken?

Maybe your website isn’t broken but maybe it’s just not working for you. If it’s up and running that’s good. But there are many common mistakes seen on so many websites. Like being too cluttered, too unclear, too flashy, too confusing, and too boring.

Let’s take a look at some easy things you can to do make your website better.

Clean up Your Website

This seems to be the trend which is good. More and more websites are clean and less cluttered than in the past. Part of the reason may be that website building tools are better than before. Mobile friendly, responsive websites make use of more area on the screen so there’s more room. Website builders are using larger fonts making it easier to read. Line up the contents and organize everything better. Use a white or light colored background with dark text for easier reading.

Be Clear

If website visitors don’t clearly understand what they’re looking at they leave. Fast. So make it very clear what the website is about. Give the visitor a clear message that answers the questions they are likely looking for. Make the website clearly helpful and informative. Give the website visitor an easy and clear path to the next step which should be clicking to another page, calling a phone number, or sending an email.

Get rid of the Flash

Website owners seem to like a lot of flash. I suppose it’s natural. But I figure if a website visitor wants a lot of flash they’re probably not looking for your website in the first place. Unless your business is a flashy type of business. Like an entertainment venue or a movie site. Slideshows and moving images are very distracting. They pull attention away from text. If your message and offer are presented in the text area of your website you want attention there. Stock pictures are another thing to avoid. Stock pictures look professional but don’t send a warm, trusting feeling to the website visitor. Stock pictures give the impression of advertising and a non local business.


Along the same lines of being clear, don’t make the visitor confused. Keep the language simple and easy to understand. Try to answer questions you think the visitor will have. Don’t try to explain everything in detail, especially on the main pages. Confusion causes hesitation. Hesitation loses attention and a potential customer.


A lot of websites present long explanations about how good their business or organization is. They brag about how long they’ve been in business and awards they’ve received. This is very boring for potential customers who are only thinking about how you can help them. They really don’t care about your business. Only how your business and offers might help them.

So how do you avoid being boring? Talk about your website visitors, the problems they might have, and how might help them solve those problems.

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