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How to Get Google Reviews

They're valuable. Google reviews are valuable. You should have more of them. Right?

Here's how to get more Google reviews. And I mean good reviews, not bad ones.

First of all, view the video below to see exactly how to get your review link set up.

Then follow this strategy.

First of all, you don't want bad reviews, just good ones. Here's how to do that.

After you have your link set up you should ask happy customers to review you. If you're just talking to them you can tell them to go to your website and click the button that says "Review us on Google".

If you can email them, that's better because you can include the link right in your email and they can click on that. They won't have to remember to go to your website or remember what to do.

How do you avoid bad reviews?

If you know of unhappy customers, don't tell them about your review system. Don't send them an email about asking for a review.

If you don't know who's happy with your product or service and who isn't, then you can send an email that gives them a choice.

In the body of your email, you give them the first choice which is a question asking if they were not happy with your product or service. Then give them a link that goes to your website (not your Google review link) where they can type in their complaint and send you and email. This way you can address complains that unhappy customers have and not end up with a bad Google review.

The second choice in the email is asking them to do the Google review. This is the second choice and not the first choice for a good reason. You don't want unhappy customers to see the Google review option before they see the "unhappy with service" option.

Hopefully people who are happy will continue reading and see the Google review link. It's then easy for them to click the link and give you a rating and review.

Everyone won't review you. Probably only a very small percentage of people will review you. But that's OK. You'll be taking a proactive step towards getting reviews.

Remember, even people with the good intention of doing a review for you will often forget, or put it off until they forget. So help them remember!

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