Text Message Marketing

Text Message Marketing

Are you looking for a new way to increase your revenue?

Text Message Marketing is a powerful way to engage with your existing customers and to attract new customers.

A text message marketing campaign can almost instantly increase your revenue, but it must be done correctly!

Text Message Marketing CampaignThis is where we come in. We can help you set up a text messaging campaign so you can start increasing your revenue right away! If you prefer we can do the whole thing for you or you can be as actively involved as you wish. We are flexible!

How Text Message Marketing Works:

1. Sign up – It is free to sign up plus you will receive a 30 day FREE TRIAL. Once you select your monthly message plan, one that fits your needs, you will be assigned a numerical short code. Set up is fast and easy!

2. Promote – Start your Text Messaging Campaign by promoting your keyword and your numerical short code. Promote your mobile marketing call to action everywhere, in your store, local ads, promotional materials, emails, social media and website.

3. Engage – Continue engaging with the people who have signed up with your text messaging campaign. Text your subscribers new coupons or events and be assured your messages will be read.

Text Message Campaigns are very powerful!

text to message marketingMost text messages sent are read within minutes. Target your audience at the time of day that works for you and for them. Send your customers valuable coupons, in store specials and important event reminders.

Remember, you will be marketing and communicating to people that want to hear from you and your business. 93% of the US population has a cell phone and nearly all cell phone carriers include some sort of text message plan, with more and more free text messaging.

If you have more questions please visit our Text to Message FAQ page.

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