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Getting New Customers via the Internet Should Not Be Like Pulling Teeth!
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The #1 thing that most businesses don’t know that can bring them more local leads than anything else
Google Places is the business directory that is the database of businesses used in Google Maps. It’s also used in the main Google search area when a person is searching for a local business. Almost every business already has a Google Places Directory Listing. If your business is very new it may not have one. Google is encouraging every business to either claim and fill in their existing listing, or, in the case of a very new business encouraging the business owner to add their listing. Click here to add or update your business listing.

The 7 Most Important Fixes You Need to get more Customers from your Website
First of all choose 2 or 3 keyword phrases that people use to search for your type of business.
2. Include your keywords in the page titles of your web pages.
3. Include your keywords in your H1 and H2 headlines.
4. Use alt-text on your images with your keywords.
5. Add video to your pages.
6. Add a clear call to action to your website. It must be simple to understand.
7. Make your website as much about your visitor as you can. This may sound backwards but it’s extremely important. If a visitor does not see anything for them on your website they will leave.

How to Create a business Video in 5 minutes
The first step is to gather about 5 or 10 pictures of your business. The pictures can be of the outside and inside of your business. Typical pictures that are used for a brochure are perfect.

The next step is to go to youtube and login to your youtube account. If you don’t have a youtube account go ahead and create one. Click on the link that says “Create Videos”. There you will have a choice of several video editors that you can use.

The Youtube video editor lets you make changes to videos that you have already uploaded. The Vlix editor also allows you to edit existing videos. GoAnimate is an app that lets you make animated videos for free without having to draw. Stupeflix Video maker lets you tell a story with pictures, videos, maps, text, music very quickly. Magisto will turn your movies into short, fun clips that are great for sharing. It automatically finds the best parts of your movies. One True Media allows you to upload video clips and photos, then edit and preview them right away. After that you can publish them to youtube or download them. With all of these options there is surely at least one that you will find useful. Like I said earlier, you don’t even need a camcorder to create videos!

The Exploding Opportunity of Mobile marketing
This is a brand new area. Many businesses are not even thinking about this yet. It is a hugely important topic though because of the fact that so many people are using smart phones and tablets. Some of the statistics are as follows:

  • 1 in 3 mobile searches is for a local business9 of 10 mobile searches result in an action and half of those result in a purchase
  • More Smartphones are being sold than desktop and laptop PCs combined
  • The Mobile technology market will be the largest in history dwarfing the PC

So how can your business benefit from Mobile Marketing? Here’s the 2 things you should do…

  • Create a mobile version of your website
  • Consider trying text message marketing where you collect customers mobile phone numbers and send them text messages to get exclusive deals

Another huge opportunity that most businesses do NOT even think about
All of the successful internet marketers say that their most valuable asset is their email list. The list of names and email addresses of people who are interested in the products and services they provide. It’s almost the same as a customer list but it’s more accurately described as a customer and potential customer list. It contains people who have bought and people who have not bought but are interested. Both groups are much more likely to buy in the future than people who are not on the list. This is direct marketing at it’s best. You are not wasting your time marketing to people who are not interested in your products and services. You cannot get much more efficient that this.

Email marketing involves using an email service to handle the list of names, the email messages that are sent, tracking those messages, and collecting names to build the list. Email marketing involves a lot of planning and testing as well.

Successful email marketing systems include collecting names and email addresses through a carefully written web page, often called a squeeze page. Follow up email messages are automatically sent after a person signs up for the list. The email system will allow you to set up auto-responders which are email messages that are automatically sent after a specified length of time. Using auto-responders makes the marketing automatic.

For a local business an email marketing system can help that business stay in touch with it’s customers. Often times newsletters are written into an email and used with email marketing. This can have an extremely positive effect on business as it keeps you in front of your past customers. It also positions your business as a benefit to the customer if the newsletter contains value to the customer and not too much about the business.

The biggest mistake you can make online
Ignoring the opportunity that you have in Online Marketing. This is probably not only the biggest mistake but the most common mistake. The opportunities that exist online range from free to very expensive. But knowing just a little bit about what works and what doesn’t can make a huge difference to your business. At the very least do this: Claim and optimize your Google Places Listing. At the most do this: Build and optimize your website. Consider building multiple websites for multiple products or services within your business. Consider pay per click advertising. Consider advertising on other people websites that are relevant to your business. Consider back linking to more your website(s) up in the search results. Consider doing videos about your products and services. Incorporate a blog into your website. Integrate your offline marketing with your online marketing, for example pull people to your website with direct mail and other offline advertising. Make sure your website is as much about your visitors as it can possibly be. Put a clear call to action on your website and make the website easy to use.

The #1 reason people hate facebook
According to an article on the Business Insider website the number one reason people haven’t joined facebook is they think it’s a waste of time. I have to agree that I think it can consume a huge amount of time. But that is a reflection of how engaging the website is, so I would say that as a compliment.

After searching the internet for the number one reason people hate facebook I determined that is has to be the privacy thing. Not only do people dislike the fact that there is little privacy on facebook, they also find it difficult to understand which part of their content is private and which is not. Understandably, facebook is a social network which is all about sharing information. However, privacy is a highly valued thing by most people and even though they know they are giving it up to some degree doesn’t mean they like the idea.

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