Will the Government Take Facebook Away from You?

eye privacy on facebook

Do you like chocolate? If you visit a website that sells chocolate, then later use Facebook, you might see ads for chocolate. Ads from the very same chocolate company who’s website you visited earlier. Has your privacy been violated? Should there be laws against that? Is your privacy being violated when you see ads (on…

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How to Reach Local Customers with Facebook

local shoppers

Facebook has something designed especially for local businesses. Local businesses that need to reach more customers. It’s called local awareness ads. Local awareness ads are intended to reach your potential customers in the local area. If you need a relatively inexpensive method to do this, local awareness ads are how to reach local customers with…

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Facebook for Business Tutorial

women looking at computer screen

If you’re using Facebook for your business that’s great. If not, you probably should be. In either case, there are some things you should know. So here’s a Facebook for Business Tutorial that will help you get much more out of it and help you focus on the important points. Some types of businesses can…

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How to Setup Your Facebook Pixel


The Facebook Pixel is code given to you by Facebook to copy and paste into your website. The Facebook Pixel enables tracking of people who visited your website so you can show ads to them later. While they are on Facebook. The process is called retargeting. The people you show ads to are called a…

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Is Social Media a Waste of Time?

girl with smartphone

Last weekend my wife and I took a trip to Boston. While walking around and riding the subway I noticed that most of the people around me were either looking at their smartphone or at least holding their smartphone in one hand. Sometimes I’d notice, without trying to be snoopy, that many of them were…

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How to Make Better Facebook Ads

how to make better facebook ads

The need for more than one Ad Most people don’t do this. It’s like a dirty little secret that nobody knows. But when they see it, it’s so simple. It just makes sense. It has the potential to give you a huge advantage over the competition. An unfair advantage. As an analogy, let’s say you…

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The Big Reason Facebook Doesn’t Work for Small Businesses

frustration with facebook ads

It’s not because of bad ads or bad targeting or not knowing enough about the details of running ads. Although those can be reasons too. The big reason Facebook doesn’t work for small businesses is lack of action. Lack of attention. Ignoring it. It’s kind of a boring answer I know. But the reason I…

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Facebook for Small Business Owners

small business

Facebook for Small Business Owners – Answers to Your Questions Does Facebook advertising work for small businesses? How much does it cost? Who can you target with Facebook ads? Do you need to use paid ads or just the free option? Do you have to keep updating your Facebook Page? How often to you have…

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Facebook Ads for Retail and Service Businesses

paying at retail store

For Retail and/or Service businesses with local customers, in this article you’ll find some important tips on how to make Facebook ads work much better. Most Facebook Ads consultants are focused on helping larger businesses and online businesses with Facebook Ads. Not very many focus on helping the smaller retail and service businesses. The ones…

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