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Facebook vs Google for Local Business

For Retail Businesses: Boutiques, Restaurants, Antique Shops, Resorts
For Service Businesses: Attorneys, Chiroprators & Therapists, Hair Salons, Cleaning Services, Contractors, Insurance Agents, Home Based Businesses

Tuesday, Nov 14th, 2017 - 12:00noon - 1:00pm

Hampton Inn Alexandria

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If you've already been to one of my seminars, come again! This one is new and improved.

Up to date information includes:

  • How to improve your Facebook ads 1000% with a method no one else is using
  • Facebook Ads vs Google Ads - which should you use?
  • How to reach maximum people on Facebook
  • Mistakes to avoid with Google Ads
  • 2 Steps that Make Your Facebook Ads 10 Times More Effective

Web Marketing for Locals

This will NOT be highly technical or too complicated to understand. It WILL be actionable information that can dramatically improve your Online Exposure for your business.

We'll be covering an idea so advanced that most people have never heard of it. Yet it's so simple, anyone could start using it today. I know that sounds ridiculous but it's true.

If you want to know "expert" information without having to become an "expert", this is the seminar for you!

Presented by Jeff Meland of Databae Systems

Free Advertising on Facebook?

"People think Facebook is a source of free traffic.

It is no such thing.

Facebook is a place where 5% of the people get 95% of the traffic… and the only traffic you can count on is the traffic you pay for.

The people at the adult table understand this. The kids still dally around with “viral Facebook posts” that never go viral.

People think their Facebook fans see their posts. They do not. 95% of your fans do NOT see your posts. Not unless you pay. No more free.

Most people do Facebook incorrectly. Which is very dangerous because they don’t know that, in the end, 95% of advertisers will be effectively “locked out” and only 5% will be “in.”"
~ Perry Marshall

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Web Marketing for Local Business:

  • How to Improve Facebook Ads 1000% with a method no one else is using
  • Facebook Ads vs Google Ads vs Free (SEO)
  • How to reach Maximum People on Facebook
  • Mistakes to Avoid with Google Ads
  • 2 Steps that Make Your Facebook Ads 10 Times More Effective

Especially designed for local businesses that don't have time to learn all the details - but still want good results.

Don't want to learn this stuff? Rather have someone else do it for you? Come to the seminar for information on that!

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Jeff Meland ~  Helping local businesses get better results using the Web

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