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We offer a package to do all of this for you.
– Optimize Your Google Places Page
– Optimize Your Yahoo Business Page
– Optimize Your Bing Business Page
– Keyword Analysis for Your Best Keywords
– Website Analysis to Further Optimize Your Web Presence
– YouTube Account Set Up and Video Creation

What will this do for you?
It will get you more customers because more
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TESTIMONIALS from Our Clients
Our Google Places Directory Listing was not showing up when
searching for hair salons on Google. After having Databae Systems
optimize our listing for us we are showing at the number one
spot for “hair salon”! Thanks to Databae Systems for getting our
Google Places Directory Listing optimized!
– Clara Olson, Hair Profiles

Databae Systems was very helpful with the start up and
design of our new website. They kept in contact and were
very prompt. With their tips and suggestions, they have
optimized our Google Places Directory Listing. We are now
showing on page 1 of google. Previously we were on page 3.
This has already proven beneficial for our
– Ashley Kuhnau, Advantage Rehab Inc.

The Internet is a huge, huge tool for us. We’ve tried many
different things to try and get our people to contact us.
Databae Systems has not only met our needs but exceeded
our needs and is continuing to increase those inquires to
our company which is what we’re all looking for. They helped
us increase our business by 37% in 2009, 57% in 2010, and
we are anticipating a record breaking 2011! Databae Systems
is the one that can handle it all and get you to where you
need to be.
– Craig McMillan, Dust Busters USA

Databae Systems has been our choice for web and internet
production and programming since day one. We are fortunate
to have them locally, allowing quick response and superior
customer service.
– Kerry Olson, Definitive Woman Magazine

Databae has always been my go to for web help. They’re available
to me, provide quick turn around and keep my customers happy.
Databae helps my business and my customers businesses
look good!
– Debbie Peterson, Marketing Consultant