Punch Facebook in the Face Seminar
Free Lunch Seminar

Tuesday, May 16, 2017 - 12:00noon - 1:00pm

Hampton Inn Alexandria

Attend in Person or Watch Live Online

Free (Light) Lunch Provided

4 Facebook Ad Tactics that 95% of Facebook Advertisers Do Wrong or Don't Even Know About

  • Why You Don’t Need More “Likes”
  • What you Might Not Know about Boosting a Post
  • The Trick to a Winning Ad
  • Retargeting & Facebook’s 2nd Most Powerful Feature
  • PLUS: How to tell Facebook: “Go get me more money!”

These tactics will dramatically help you with your Facebook Advertising

Seating is Limited to 30 People

The Seminar was held on May 16th.

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The Seminar is Totally Free and includes a Light Lunch

Imagine that you can:

  • Use Facebook Advertising Without Wasting Money
  • Know how much Money Your Ads Made or Lost
  • Turn Your Facebook Advertising into a System that Lets You - Put Money In / Get Money Out
  • Know more about what works with Facebook Ads than almost Everyone Else - Without having to learn 85% of what the Facebook Ads Tutorials Teach!

Especially designed for local businesses that don't have time to learn all the details but still want to get good results.

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