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We offer professional web design services for small businesses and organizations. Your website should look professional and perform well. Your website should be more than an online brochure. It should attract leads and customers. Your website should engage it’s visitors and prompt them to contact you.

Jeff Meland

Jeff Meland, Owner of Databae Systems

Finding a professional website design company is not always easy. A good one will be reliable, easy to talk to, receptive to your questions and advice, and have an understanding of the technology needed as well as the objective and marketing needs you have.

Please contact us for more information if you are looking for a professional website company. We’re very professional, easy to work with, and dependable. Call or send us an email!

Older website development methods involved using static web pages designed on a PC then uploaded to a web server. With newer technology that we use to design websites it’s a little different. It’s more efficient and more powerful. Our websites are dynamic and can be changed quickly. Content can be added and changed even by the client.

We believe we are among the best professional web design companies located in Central Minnesota. We offer professional web design services. We build and host websites. We can help you with domain names, email, search engine optimization, and local search issues. We build and host websites that attract leads and customers!

See our website portfolio page for some of the websites we’ve created.

Professional web design services include many things. It’s not just about a professional looking website. Functionality and ease of use are also very important. In fact there are many websites that don’t even look very good but are very successful in achieving their goals, being very effective at their primary objective.

This is the key to web design. You must define the objective of your website and of each page. It may seem obvious, your objective, but don’t ignore this. A common objective is to have a website that looks like a fancy brochure. No more thought is given to it. This may be fine and dandy for most businesses but if you want to stand out and be unique, and have a real website that actually benefits your business or organization, then you must define your websites’ objective.

Your websites’s objective can be as simple as “it needs to capture leads by getting people to call”. Then you can break this down into more specific pieces, one for each website page. Maybe the home page objective is to briefly let people know what your business can do for them and then get them to click to another page where they can find out more about one specific part of your business.

Speaking of the home page, too many websites clutter their home page with way too much information. The home page is usually the most commonly visited page of any website. It should be easy to read, not cluttered, and it must tell the visitor where they are! The website visitor should instantly know that they are in the right place. Otherwise they’ll hit the back button very quickly. People are extremely impatience when browsing the Internet.

Professional web design varies wildly in pricing. I know of web designers who charge $4000 for a simple 5 page website that can’t take more than a few hours to create. A website that little thought is given in terms of design and functionality. You’ll also find very cheap websites. You can even get free websites or websites that cost next to nothing from large online corporations. However, it’s still most often true that you get what you pay for. Extremely cheap or free websites often lack control and flexibility. They also may not allow you to have your own domain name. You may not even own it. If your website becomes valuable to you by getting traffic and providing leads and sales you don’t want a cheap site. You want one that you know you own and have complete control over.

Your website should be backed up regularly, at least once a week or once a month. It should be accessible so you can make changes and add content when needed.

We build websites using the WordPress platform. This provides a powerful, dynamic website that is database driven. It also allows separation of the content from the layout and design. This means you can change the look and feel of the website completely without affecting the content of the site.

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