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Looking for Minnesota web design services? You’ve come to the right place. We provide quality website design at a fair price. We’re easy to work with, knowledgeable, and efficient. We’ve built dozens and dozens of websites. Check our portfolio page to see some of the websites we’ve designed.

Jeff Meland, Web Design MN

Jeff Meland, Owner of Databae Systems

Trying to find the right web design company is not easy. You need someone who is dependable, fair, experienced, and easy to work with. Your website needs to look professional, be effective, and be easy to update.

Too often website owners are left with a website that’s out of date and impossible to change. Their website developer is nowhere to be found. We won’t let that happen to you!

I invite you to contact us for more information. We’ve built many dozens of websites for many clients. Check our portfolio page. We’re easy to work with and very dependable. Call or send an email. We are a Minnesota web design company located in Alexandria, MN.

If you find your existing website hard to use or hard to keep updated we have an excellent solution for both of those problems.

If you’re tired of hearing computer-babble and just trying to find a web designer who will speak in normal terms, one who knows the right things about building a website then you are in the right place.

We are easy to work with and very capable of building a great website for you.

We are located in Central Minnesota. We build and host websites. We can help you with domain names, email, search engine optimization, and local search issues. We don’t just build websites, we help you get more leads and customers!

Check our website portfolio page to see the some of the websites we’ve created. For web site design in Minnesota contact us at Databae Systems!

Interested in a new website? Consider the advantages we offer…
1. Professional appearance
2. Organized layout
3. Easy to read and find information
4. Optimized for Search Engines
5. Written to convert visitors to buyers
6. Excellent service
7. Exceptional value

5 points to consider when looking for a Web Design Company.

Does the company offer examples of past projects. Are customer testimonials available. Are they capable of performing the required tasks. Can you believe the testimonials and statements offered by the company. Are they credible?

Service and Long Term Relationship
Is the web design company a stable business. What services are they offering long term. How long has the company been around.

Reliability, Commitment, and Promises
How does the web design company look in regards to these things.

Is it easy to understand what the web design company is offering you. Don’t let them confuse you or sell you things you don’t understand. This happens too often with Internet related services. They should speak to you in easy to understand terms, not in techno babel.

Is the web design company the best choice for you. Price is one consideration but there are others. The real question to ask yourself is are you getting a fair value. Is the company the best choice for you.

Website design pricing is all over the board. It varies a lot. When we price our web design services we try to be as fair as possible. We want to provide the best service at a fair price.

The time it takes to build a website can be anywhere from a few days to more than a month. It depends a lot on how many pages are needed and how specific the design needs are. We work very closely with our clients through the website design to make sure they get what they want. Color and layout are wide open and highly variable. Functionality is extremely important. Understanding your website visitors perspective is also extremely important.

We design websites to maximize the objective of your website. The objective of your website should be to get your website visitors to take some kind of action. That might be to call you, to email you, to download something for free, or to buy something. It’s very common to capture email addresses from website visitors. These captured emails are good leads for you. Much of email address capture and marketing can be automated. We offer email marketing system integration within our website design services.

It’s very common to clutter up a website with too much information. Each website page should be clean and simple to understand. If you confuse your visitors with too much clutter you’ll loose opportunity for more business. Each page should have a clear objective and lead to the next step. That next step could be clicking to another page, calling a phone number, or submitting an email address and name.

The most common compliment I’ve heard about websites is that it’s simple and easy to use. I’ve heard this comment many times. I’ve never heard anyone say they like a website because it has a lot of information all cluttered together on a single page.

There is a common belief that too much text on a web page is bad. This is both true and false in my opinion. Having a lot of text that talks about a specific topic is very good for search optimization. Search engines need text to know how to categorize your website. A lot of text is good for helping your website rank high in search results and to getting visitors to your website. To make all of that text easier to read and more visitor friendly just break it up into small paragraphs and use headlines liberally. This makes it easy for people to scan and read what they are interested in and skip the rest.

P.S. Find out which search terms people use when searching for your type of business. This is extremely important for attracting people to your website. Contact us today and ask for your Free Search Term Report!

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