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Want more leads? More customers? More Income?
Here’s your golden opportunity…
Optimize your Local Online Business Listing!

There is a huge opportunity for those who optimize their business listings in google, yahoo, and bing. That opportunity is to get more local customers through your free online business directory listings. This is especially important for businesses that have local competitors!

It’s been known for some time that getting on page one of Google is a huge advantage. Most people do not go on to page to so getting to page one is very important!

Now, with the way Google shows local businesses on page one when a local search query is submitted, the opportunity is huge! You really can get on page one for local searches. This seems like a gift that Google has given local businesses. But it’s actually important for Google and it’s users because local businesses should show on page one when a local customer is looking for a local business.

Getting your business on page one of Google for local searches is not that difficult. But there are some techniques that need to be applied. Grab our free Google Places video (on the right –>) and learn how to claim and optimize your own Google business listing.

You really should jump on this before your competitors do! There is no doubt you will be rewarded with more traffic, leads, customers, and more business!

If you don’t have time or aren’t up to doing it yourself we can help you get there. We will claim and optimize your Google Places Listing, your Yahoo Local Business Listing, and your Bing Local Listing. The ownership of the listings remains yours.
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We are experts in search engine optimization specializing in “Local” search optimization. Our services include many techniques that we have researched and tested over time that will result in getting your business on the first page of Google.

When a search engine determines that a user is searching for a local business this is called local search. The search engine determines this by what the user types in. For example the search “restaurants near Fargo ND” tells the search engines that this user is looking for a local restaurant and so this is a local search.

Local searach is getting more and more important every day as more people do local online searches using both PCs and Mobile Phones to find local businesses!

Local search is important to a business because search results show for local businesses show on the first page of search results!

To take advantage of local search you must make sure your local business listing in google, yahoo, and bing contains accurate and optimized information. There are many other variables that come into play as well. This is where we can help!

Remember – there are local people looking for you – if you are not on page one of google they are finding your competition instead.