Why It’s Vital To Have A Mobile Friendly Website

Why It’s Vital To Have A Mobile Friendly Website

Guest post by Jessica Kane…

One of the major problems traditionally facing web developers has always been a consistent appearance for their site from device to device and browser to browser. This has never been a bigger issue than now, when the web is being viewed on so many devices that are not desktop or laptop computers and also do not have the luxury of full size screens.

What might surprise most developers, and especially those who are involved in the e-commerce market, is how much of their business and their success depends entirely on their ability to make their site usable, attractive and easy to navigate on a mobile device. In fact, making a site work on every mobile device is absolutely vital now, because the mechanisms by which an audience interacts with a shop or a service provider online have not only changed, they’ve been completely replaced.

More Customers
It is estimated one out of four e-commerce sales will happen on a phone or a tablet in 2016. No business can afford to ignore one-fourth of its potential sales, so the days of considering mobile to be a low priority are over. E-commerce depends on mobile devices, and the businesses that plan on making their products available to a growing market are going to depend on e-commerce to get the job done.

Better Discoverability
Google prefers sites that are mobile friendly for obvious reasons. Their customers are looking for the most convenient and fastest alternative, and if they find all their search results are optimized for desktops, they’re likely to start wondering if they shouldn’t be trying out other search engines. If your site is set up for mobile and is impressive enough to get Google’s attention, you might find both your audience and your sales growing at a rapid pace.

In addition to mobile compatibility, Google also wants to see sites that are “responsive.” Fast loading pages, sites that respond quickly when accessed and sites that can be quickly navigated are more likely to find themselves at the top of search results because those sites make Google look better. Google will respond by sending you more traffic, at which point you look better and you sell more product.

Ease of Use
The faster you can get your customer to the cash register, the better. One of the things that makes mobile commerce so compelling is your customer is carrying the cash register around in their pocket! If your site optimization can make your site easy to use and make the buying experience seamless and painless, you just might find that customer returns to your shop first when they are looking to make those second and third purchases.

Better Communication
Mobile users are more likely to offer feedback and provide opportunities for communication with your company representatives and your sales staff. If your mobile site is set up for this kind of interactivity, you will find yourself with a golden opportunity to upsell, establish a rapport with your fans and bring them closer to your ecosystem and opportunities for future sales. This is an oft-overlooked benefit of a mobile-centered marketing strategy, but as it turns out it can be one of the most effective.

Less Expensive Maintenance
Once established, mobile websites are by and large easier to maintain and expand. Due to the nature of mobile sites and interfaces, there are fewer options on smaller screens that use touch interfaces. This reduces complexity and makes it possible to produce a simpler and more consistent user experience with less effort. Ironically, the work done to make desktop sites better was largely responsible for these advances.

One issue that deserves honorable mention is the fact that most business people find themselves with opportunities to promote their products and services out in the real world where the presence of a desktop computer may not be guaranteed. The ability to bring up your site or product on a phone or mobile device can make the difference between a polite smile and a big sale.

Jessica Kane is a professional blogger who has worked in eCommerce for the last five years. She currently writes for Rakuten Super Logistics and recommends them for all your online order fulfillment needs to further your success.

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