Which Email is the Best

There are many free email services available. Which one is best? Here’s a list of available web based email services. We often recommend Gmail as a good option for our clients. Gmail has a new feature called Priority Inbox that helps you sort out your less important mail so you can more easily deal with your important mail. See the video below.

We are often asked about getting email addresses with a company name like jeff@companyname.com as opposed to a non-business email address such as jeff@gmail.com. With Gmail this is no problem. In fact you can have up to 50 email addresses with your company name in them with your free Gmail account. If you have need more than 50 email addresses you must upgrade to the paid version of Gmail.

We use Gmail ourselves and find it extrememly useful and powerful. It has automatic spam filtering and easy ways to organize your email. You also have integrated calendars, contacts, documents, etc… with the whole package actually called Google Apps. And as long as you have 50 users or less the entire package is free!

If you are really tied to a PC based email client such as outlook you can still use Gmail. In that case you would still have the option of accessing your email via the Gmail web interface in addition to using outlook.

Another nice option is to tie different email addresses together so you can see all of your emails in one place. For example, some of my email addresses are jeff@gtaccess.com, jeff@databae.com, and jeff@meland.org. Email messages sent to any of these email addresses arrive in my Gmail inbox. I do not have to go anywhere else to check them.

We highly recommend Gmail and with Google adding more and more features and functionality it’s hard to imagine using anything else.

One of the services we provide at Databae Systems is setting up Gmail and Google Apps accounts for businesses. Click here if you are interested in a great email system for your business.

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