What Google can do for you

Did you know that you can use the main google search page as a calculator? Just type your numbers in and google gives you the answer! For example, type: 16/20= in the google search box and google will give you the answer!

Google is a great tool for finding websites on the internet. But many people have no idea that it does much more than that.

There are many other things google can do for you in a split second directly from the main google search page. You can get stock quotes. Type in a stock symbol and you’ve got it! Get the definition of a word. To get the definition of the word agnostic simply type define agnostic in the search box and you’ve got it!

More things that Google can do for you directly from the main search page: Instantly find the time in any city. Type weather to see your local weather information. Type alexandria mn chinese food to find chinese restaurants in the city indicated. Unit conversion. Check movie times – just type movies. Check sports scores – just type the name of your favorite team! Type a flight number to find the status of airline flights. Type earthquakes to find recent earthquake activity. Currency conversion. Cooking conversion. Mortgage rates. Public Data. And more…

Here’s a link to the Google Help Page that shows how to use these tools. Enjoy!

From Jeff’s Blog at Databae.com

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