Websites for Mobile Phones

Google has posted an article about Making Websites Mobile Friendly that talks about the basics of mobile phone browsers as well as recommendations for website builders in regards to detecting user agents and how to use URL’s for various scenarios. We have the older mobile phones that can access the internet and we have the newer smartphones that use a browser much like a desktop PC. Having the website detect the user agent (the type of browser and device that is accessing the website) is important in determining how to format the display of the website to the user. This topic will continue to become more important as smartphone use grows and the number of people accessing the internet with smartphones grows as well. We offer mobile phone website development and expect that this will be a growing business for us and many other website development companies.

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  1. Frederic on February 24, 2011 at 5:26 pm

    This really is something I need to do more research into, thanks for the publish.

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