Website Problems in Alexandria

Actually, it’s not just Alexandria, it’s everywhere.

This is good information for local businesses and organizations who might be thinking about improving their websites.

So here’s some really important things to know about your website.

Your website should contrast you from your competition both visually and in terms of what you offer. It should connect with your visitors by being relevant to what they’re looking for, as well as having good rapport.

It should also be truthful and straightforward. Your website visitors should feel confident that you can be trusted and it should be easy for them to come to that conclusion quickly.

And finally, maybe most importantly, it should be clear.

I often tell clients I’m working with that their website should be immediately recognizable when a visitor lands there. The website visitor needs to know they’re in the right place. If there’s any doubt they’ll leave fast.

Being clear applies on multiple levels. First, being clear about who you are, then what you offer, and finally what’s the next step for the website visitor. How do they contact you. How do they find out more about you. Whatever you want them to do next should be clear and easy for them so they can do it!

And finally the obvious thing that I’m sure you’ve heard before, your website should be mobile friendly. It should re-size to any size screen so people on smartphones and tablets can read and navigate just as easy as they can while on a desktop PC.

If you need help with your website please feel free to contact me here.

Thanks for reading!


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