Slow Youtube Uploads

I often upload videos to YouTube.

It’s a great place to keep track of and archive video.
It’s so easy to share videos this way too.

Recently I ran into a problem.

While uploading a new video the file upload process was extremely slow.
I was seeing a 15 HD video, about 1.5gig which is pretty big, was taking about 10 minutes to move up 1%.

Usually it takes me about a half hour or so to upload a video this size.

So it was not normal for my setup.
My setup being my internet connection, computer, and the video size and format.

I looked online for answers but found none.

I started thinking about what the problem could be. My internet connection was working. About the only thing I could not do was upload videos to Youtube.

Then I though about the router and cable modem. I figured it was possible that something was out of sync between the modem and router. So I reset both. I pulled the power plug on both the router and the cable modem. After about a minute I plugged them both back in and tried uploading a video to Youtube.

Sure enough, that was it! Problem solved!

Don’t let this happen to you! Reset your router and cable modem if you can’t find another reason for Slow Youtube Uploads!

Here’s a quick video I made about the problem…

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