Six Reasons Why Your Facebook Contest Failed

Guest Post by Sunny Popali

So after several sleepless and stressful months of strategic planning and implementation, you finally launched your Facebook contest. You hunker down for a minute to rest those tired eyes and overly anxious mind, and you wait with ants in your pants for success to come pouring in. The minutes seem to tick by so slowly, but before you know it, the contest period ends. With the results in your hand, you shake your head in denial, refusing to admit even to yourself that your Facebook contest failed.

After going through the different stages of denial, anger, and depression, you begin to accept the failure. But before you can even manage to do this, you may want to look back and search for the mistakes you surely want to avoid committing in the future. Here are six of the reasons why your contest may have bombed:

1. You failed to inform people about the contest.

Did you advertise online and offline? Were you able to send out promotional emails to your contacts list? Did you send your Facebook fans messages about the contest and encourage them to tell their respective friends and followers about the opportunity? Did you try more than once to let people know?

It may sound pretty basic but letting people know about the contest is actually the number one thing that most contest organizers forget. If you are fortunate enough to have a very conscientious team like that of Inbound Marketing Scottsdale, then you just might be able to avoid this fatal mistake. However, it cannot be denied that people can sometimes get carried away with the technicalities and intricacies of the contest itself that they tend to forget promoting it.

2. You asked for too much.

Did you ask for too much personal information? Does the process of registering and entering your Facebook contest require more than three steps? These may be some of the blunders that caused your initially interested fans to back off.

People tend to get weary of any process that takes too much time and asks for too much personal information. Even the non-paranoid would find it tiresome to encode every little detail of their lives into a contest entry form. Keep it simple and easy for your audience.

3. What you are offering is too little.

What were your prizes? Was your grand prize just a dinner to a little nondescript restaurant in the rundown section of the city? Or was it a gift certificate to a cheap department store not worth the hassle?

People join contests mostly because of the prizes at stake. These days, it takes a lot of pizzazz to motivate a person to take the time and effort to fill out contest entries. Pick a reward that is so unique and valuable that people will find it hard to resist.

4. You did not do any follow-up.

It may have been that several people joined your contest. However, with poor or nonexistent follow-up, their interest waned and your un-subscribers hit the roof. For success in the long run, you must keep fanning the interest of your new contestants into flames. If necessary, seek expert advice from firms such as Inbound Marketing Scottsdale. Do everything you can to increase your contest’s appeal.

5. You neglected your target audience.

Your contest may have flopped because you did not look into the characteristics of your target audience. Know their gender, age, interests, and other such attributes. This knowledge will aid you in making your contest reach out to the right people in the most appealing way.

6. Other bigger contests and events got in the way.

It may be that you have done everything right but your efforts still came to nothing. One other reason behind the failure may be due to other bigger contests that were held at the same time as yours. Because these more exciting events are out of your control, you should work around them. Time your contests during dull moments when there are few other events that could take away your audience’s attention.

There are several possibilities why your contest may have fallen off the success charts. Know the blunders to avoid, and you may just get it right the next time you create a Facebook contest.

Author Bio:- Sunny Popali is SEO Director at Tempo Creative is an Arizona Inbound Marketing firm that has served over 700 clients since 2001. Tempo’s team specializes in digital and internet marketing services including web design, SEO, social media and strategy.

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