facebook ads delivery and optimization in ads manager

How to reach the most people with your Facebook Ads

If you want to reach more people on Facebook the fastest way to do it is with Facebook advertising.

A lot of people are asking these questions.
How to increase post reach on Facebook
How to get your Facebook posts seen
How to increase organic reach on Facebook

The more Page fans you have the more people you’ll reach for free with your posts. But that still doesn’t compare to how fast and far you can reach people with paid Facebook advertising.

Boosting a Post
Probably the most common way to do Facebook advertising is by boosting a post. You’ll reach a lot more people by doing this and if you’re a local business with local customers you won’t have to spend much to do it.

Facebook assigns advertising “objectives” when you run Ads. This is part of what controls who sees your Ads.

When you boost a post you’ll automatically get the objective of “Engagement”. This means that people who are more likely to engage with you post will be the ones who see your Ad. All of these people will be within your selected audience. Your selected audience is determined when you select your geographical location, age, and gender of your audience.

If you’d rather not have Facebook show your Ads only to people who are likely to engage with your post you can change a setting in the “Ad Set” under the “Delivery and Optimization” section in Ads Manager. (See image below).

facebook ads delivery and optimization in ads manager

In this case I have the Optimization for Ad Delivery set to “Impressions”. This means the Ad will show as many times as possible without trying to be shown only to people who are likely to “engage”. Your Ad will show in the newsfeed a maximum of 2 times per person per day or 4 times per person per day if they are Page Fans. It will show unlimited in the right column on desktop.

Another option is “Daily Unique Reach” which will show your Ads only once per day per person in the newsfeed and/or right column.

It’s common to think that you’ll reach pretty much everyone in your audience if you optimize for “impressions” or “reach”.

However, this is not the case. For example, I’ve run Ads with an audience of 75,000 and reached only 2200 people. This was with a limited budget and schedule, but even with a larger budget you’ll likely never get that close to the maximum number of people in your audience.

The reason for this is Facebook still controls who sees your Ad because it does not want to show irrelevant Ads to people. It still tries to match the Ad to the person seeing it.

In some cases, especially for local businesses with local customers, you want to reach as many people as possible in your local area. So optimizing for impressions or reach is the right idea, but remember that you still cannot get to everybody in your audience. And often not even close to everybody.

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