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video promotionVideos can be a powerful tool for your business. Some videos, especially how-to videos, are extremely popular on video sites. You can reach thousands of people who are interested in your topic with a video. A friend of mine recently made a video about how to make a bottle light lamp. A few months later that video has been viewed more than 10,000 times! And those people who viewed the video are people who are interested in the topic of that video.

When making a video for your business think about what the viewer might be interested in learning. Keep it simple and clear. Plan it out and make sure you cover all your points without getting too long.

Be aware of background noise. Use a lapel microphone if you can.

At the end of the video be sure to provide your contact information including your website address and email address.

An important and effective tip to get your video found on Youtube is to carefully name your video in the video title field. Make sure you use commonly used terms in your video title. This will make your video easier to find.
You should add your website url ( to the first line in the video description.

You should accurately describe the content of your video. Be sure to complete all of information in the video fields after uploading your video to Youtube. Specify your location and the date. Set the video for public viewing and enable sharing of the video.

Promote your video by sharing it on your website and social media sites such as facebook and linked-in. You should also upload your video to other video sites such as DailyMotion, Ning, and Hulu.

If you have trouble thinking of what to make a video about, just think about what you would say to a customer who asks you questions about your business. Explain what you think the customer wants to know. But don’t be boring. Give them information that they would be interested in. This means do not brag about your business, rather tell them how much they will benefit from what you have to offer.

Many people do not take the time to bother with video. But this is good news to those who do because it means there is less competition.

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