Local SEO

What is Local Search?
Local Search Engine Optimization (Local SEO) involves optimizing websites and directory listings for local search queries. A local search query is the use of a search engine to find a local product or service. The search engine determines that a search is local by what the user types in. For example the search query restaurants near Fargo ND tells the search engine that the user is looking for a local restaurant. The returned results are restrained to a small geographical area, in this case near Fargo ND.

Why is Local Search Important?
Local Search is important because more and more people are using it! It's a hugely important topic for all the search engines and is extra important because mobile phones use it extensively. It is also being used more because of the increasing use of consumer reviews that integrate into them.

Local SEO
To take advantage of local search you must make sure your local business listing in google, yahoo, and bing contains accurate and optimized information. This is where we can help! We know the tricks and best practices of how to correctly set up and optimize your directory listings for you. This is important to keep your business ranking high on the local search results pages.

What's a Directory Listing and Why is it Important?
A Local Business Listing is an entry in an online directory that includes basic information such as name, address, and phone number. There are many online directories that may already have your business listed but it is important that you claim and optimize your business listing. The business listings in the search engines are especially important as they are the ones that are seen by people while searching. The most important business listing to claim and optimize is the one in Google. This is very important because it is often how customers find you! As more people search online using both PCs and Mobile Phones to find local businesses it becomes even more important! And so it is important that you take control of your business listings so that they can be optimized and protected from unscrupulous competitors.

Google Places Example
Take a look at this screenshot. If you are a chiropractor it would be important for your listing to show up when someone is looking for chiropractors in your area...

Local Chiropractors

How we can help you...
With our various business directory listing optimization services we can greatly improve your online presence and get your business in front of more customers. Contact us here for more information.

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