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When someone local searches for your type of business online does your business show up? For example, if you are a contractor and someone types “contractors in fargo nd” what happens? Google is always trying to do it’s best to satisfy the user. Google wants to show all the contractors in Fargo ND in this case and it wants the information to be accurate. The better this works for the user the better it is for Google.
When doing local searches like this often times the google map will show within the search results. Especially if the user qualifies the search with city and state. Just today the google map started to show in the right column above sponsored links while the map listings (place pages) still show in the center.
A business may not even have it’s own website but still show up as a place page entry on the first page of google. The search results are now mixed with website entries and google place page entries. Place page entries will show only if google determines that the search is a local search. A user can be in Los Angels and type “contractors” and google will return a list of contractors in the Los Angeles area based on the users location. Or that same user in Los Angeles can search for “contractors in fargo nd” and get a list of contractors in the Fargo ND area instead.
A business may not have even submitted a google place page but it may still exist. Business owners can claim their place page and add content to it. Content within a place page may consist of information from other sources such as directories and other websites. As a business owner it is advisable to provide complete and accurate information in both the google place page and all other sites and directories. It is also important to keep that information consistent among all sites and directories to build and maintain a trust factor with the search engines.
Keyword research is another important variable within the topic of local search. Certainly a business wants to be found when people are searching. But they need to know what words are used to search for them. Google has a free keyword tool that can be used to help determine those valuable keywords. Just search for google external keyword tool to find it.
I hope this gives you a basic understanding of some things that can be done to help your business get found more easily online. For more information or assistance with your business give us a call or email us. We’d be glad to help!

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