Latest Features of WordPress to Build User-friendly Websites

WordPress is a dynamic, open source Content Management System that offers various developer friendly features. This robust CMS was introduced in the market for the first time in 2003 and since then several updates have been released to make it more secure and feature rich. The latest version of WordPress provides a range of useful features for the benefit of web developers.

Let’s find out how the current version of WordPress helps you offer an enjoyable web experience to the users.

Variety of Themes-
It offers unlimited scrolling in the themes page so that you can choose the best theme for your client’s business website. There are various types of themes available for free, but choose a template that is highly rated and easily customizable. The latest update also fixed an issue with template page detection to improve usability.

Great Editing Options-
Customization is absolutely necessary for business websites and WordPress gives the ultimate freedom to developers. The JavaScript loading issue is solved in version 3.4.1.

Auto Resize Header –
Earlier you had to customize website header depending upon the layout, but this problem is solved now. Add any image or text content in the header to give it a custom look and WordPress will fit it within the
given space automatically.

Better PHP-Server Compatibility-
It comes with enhanced PHP compatibility, so that developers can host theirwebsites in PHP based web servers.

Improved Admin Features-
Admin is one of the most important parts of any website as it allows content updating and page adding facilities. WordPress 3.4.1 modified some admin features so that even a non programmer can handle the backend panel comfortably. All you need to do is give the client a simple tutorial and he is ready to go.

In Built Tweet Features-
Social media marketing has become a major promotional and SEO strategy for businesses. Earlier, you had to install different plug-ins to connect social media profile with websites, but the new version omits that problem, at least for twitter. Just copy paste the Twitter profile URL in your site and this adaptive CMS will deal with it.

Enhanced Query Fetching Features-
SQL and object caching system is refreshed to make web programmer’s job easier. It not only improves the query functionality, but developers can fetch queries easily as well.

Autocomplete Facility-
Use this feature to save your time. If your client’s website is connected with a blog and he wants to give admin power to a few blog/site contributor, then those contributors can sign in only once in either blog or website. The Autocomplete feature will fetch the log-in data in the other site.

A CMS is as good as the developer is. Every good content management system comes with great tools, but only an expert developer can utilize its full potential.

Hema Gupta is currently working for WebGuru Infosystems as an internet marketer. She is an avid blogger and contributes to various famous blogs. In this blog post she has penned on the latest features of WordPress development.

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