Is Your Business Missing These Customer Attraction Ideas?

Advertising Methods
Are you wondering how to attract more customers? Are you out of advertising ideas? Maybe you are thinking about trying some different advertising. Or maybe you don’t do much advertising and are considering trying something that you’ve not used before.

targeted marketingThere are many advertising options available today. You can group them into 2 main areas. Online advertising which includes having a website, banner ads and links on other websites, classified ads, social networking, pay per click advertising, and online business directories such as Google Places, Four Square, and Merchant Circle. Offline advertising includes all the traditional types including newspaper, yellow pages, radio, TV, and direct mail.

When choosing an advertising media you must also choose a strategy. You must decide what your advertising will say. You must also choose when and where it will be used.

In terms of advertising and marketing I’d like to offer 3 customer attraction ideas that many businesses don’t use. 3 customer attraction ideas that are very powerful and can be extremely effective.

The idea of being unique enough so that your business is the only choice. To make your business stand out even if you have a lot of competition. For example a salon owner may have a difficult time being unique if there are 25 other salons in his or her area. You all do basically the same thing. You provide hair styling, hair cuts, and other related services to local customers.

What can possibly make you unique enough to stand out from your competition. Unique enough so that for many people you are the only choice. The usual answer to this question is that you’ll be better and cheaper. You’ll give faster service, better quality service, and you’ll charge less. This might make you unique but it might also make it difficult to make a profit. You can be busy and still not make much money.

Here’s some other things you can do to be unique and stand out among your competition. Look at all of your services and consider bundling some of them together into a package that no one else offers. Or, add some value to a product or service by adding your own knowledge and experience to the offering. For example, if you have experience using a product that you are selling and you have found ways to make it work better or last longer, write that up in a small article, booklet, or electronic document and promote it. You can make your business unique by being the only one that offers a specific combination of products or services. Another idea is to become an expert in one specific area of the service you provide. Consider getting certified in the services you perform. Offer service during hours when your competition does not. Rather than offering the cheapest price for something, offer the highest price for a premium product or service that no one else offers.

Who is your market
Who hears your advertising message? Consider who will hear or read your advertising. Consider the demographics of your customers. Are they male, female, or both? Are they young or old? The answers to these questions must be considered when deciding where and when to market your business. If most of your customers are over age 60 you probably should not advertising on the Internet. If they are under 20 you might decide to advertise only on the Internet. Don’t just spend money marketing your business without knowing who you are trying to market to.

Current customers are potential future customers too! When marketing your business don’t just think about new customers. Your current customers are easier to sell to because they know you. Of course you have to impress them enough so they’ll come back. So it goes without saying that you must provide good service and products. If your current customers value your service and products they will bring referrals as well! This is one of the most overlooked, yet valuable, marketing ideas there is. Maybe because it’s too obvious.

There are many more marketing ideas that are extremely important. Many of them are specific things that fall within the ideas mentioned above. First and foremost strive to be unique, know who your customers are, and treat them well so they will come back with their friends!

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