How to get your website on google

Have you ever heard those advertisements that say they’ll submit your website to 200 search engines? Well, you really don’t need to get your website on 200 search engines. More than 80 percent of searches are done on Google and most of the rest are on Yahoo and Bing. So really, those 3 search engines should be enough.

And just how do they submit your website to those search engines? The truth is, most websites that are included in the search engines were never submitted. But they’re there anyway!

One way to get your website on google is to add a link to your website from another website that is somewhat popular. For example, you can add a link to your website from a youtube video. Just enter in the description area for the video. Or if you are a member of your local chamber of commerce you can have a link from their website to your website. Google will follow those links and add your website to their search engine.

Now. Here’s the best way to get your website on Google. Use Google Webmaster Tools and enter your website there. Here’s the link:

You will need a Google Account. If you don’t have one you can get one free here: Free Google Account

When you are logged into your Google account and are at the google webmaster tools site, just click the “Add Site” button and follow the instructions.

Not only will this get your website indexed it will help you inform google what your website is about. This will help you rank higher in the search results.

Be sure to follow the basic search optimization suggestions and put a lot of good content on your website.

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