Find Your Business with a Mobile Phone

Does your business show up when someone is searching for your type of product or service with a mobile phone? I was recently in another city and wanted to order flowers for a patient in the hospital in that city. I picked up my new droid smartphone, pressed maps, then typed “flower shops”. Up came a map showing nearby flower shops. I then pressed on the nearest one to the hospital and my phone automatically called the flower shop for me and I proceeded to order flowers. How convenient! I did not have to find a phone book. I did not have to find an internet connection for my laptop. I did not have to find an internet connected PC. I did not have to drive around searching for a flower shop. I had the ability to place my order all within my phone from anywhere! And it was pretty easy!
I think this story is a good example of the convenience of using the internet with a mobile phone. There’s no question the internet has been become a great way to shop, browse, and do research. But the mobile phone is going to make it that much more convenient!
Partially because of this convenience the mobile phone will be the main way people use the internet in the future.
Many people own mobile phones and growing numbers are upgrading to smartphones with internet capability. It is estimated that Google’s Android operating system that runs on mobile phones is growing by about 200,000 new users a day! There are more mobile phones in the world that there are PCs. More people can afford a mobile phone than a PC. A mobile phone is actually a computer that can do many things that a PC can do.
So how do you make sure that people will find your business with their mobile phone?
Enter your business in the free business listings section of Google, Yahoo, and Bing. If you don’t take the time to do this you are losing out. The process is not difficult but you should take the time to do a good job of it. Make sure you enter complete information and use keywords that best describe your business. Use words that customers who are looking for your type of business would type into a search query when looking for your type of business. These keywords are often obvious but keyword research can be done to determine good related keywords.

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