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If your business offers coupons, discounts, or special promotions you can use a new Facebook feature called Facebook Offers. This is an excellent way to get the word out about your offer. It also provides an incentive for people to “like” your facebook business page.

Many businesses do not understand the benefit of having a facebook page for their business. A facebook page is basically an online mini website for your business within facebook. But that’s not enough to provide much benefit. Creating an offer that appeals to people to make them take advantage of the offer gets your business a sale. Without the offer the page may be of little benefit.

facebook likeWhat if the people you want to reach are not subscribed to your facebook page? This is one reason you want to promote your page and get people to like it. Only people who have liked (subscribed to) your page will see your page items. This includes offers.

Creating a facebook page is relatively straightforward. There is a “create a page” link at the bottom of your facebook wall page. It can be difficult to scroll to the bottom because facebook keeps adding content to the page as you scroll down. Here’s a trick to get to that bottom link easier. Click in the white area of your page on the left side, then hold down the space bar. This should bring you to to bottom long enough for you to click on the “create a page” link. Follow through and enter the information to finish creating your page.

Create your facebook offer by going to your facebook page, clicking the “offer, event +” link in the status bar (where you normally enter your status and upload photos). Follow through to enter your text and upload a photo. Offers currently are available only on some local business pages. Facebook will eventually make offers available widely.

The better the offer the more likely you are to get response.

There is one very clever feature that offers provide. When someone clicks on your offer to accept it everyone on that persons friends list will get notified in their own news feed on facebook. This helps spread the word of your offer without you doing anything else to promote it. This is how to use the power of facebook to promote your business!

If you make your offer extremely attractive you may get a huge amount of exposure.

If offers is not available yet on your facebook page, keep checking. Eventually it should be there and is certainly worth a try!

For more information about facebook offers click here.

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