Chiropractic Marketing

Chiropractic Marketing

We specialize in helping chiropractors optimize their local business listings. Our goal is to help our chiropractor clients achieve a better local online presence by out performing their local competition online resulting in more customers.

Local SEO

In the picture above you can see that Heinz Family Chiropractic is listed first. They are our client who we helped get ranked. Previously they were not showing at all in the search listing results. This is proof of what we have done for a chiropractor and what we can do for other chiropractors.

Local search queries are extremely hot leads. It is especially true for chiropractors who compete heavily against each other in their local areas to capture as many of these leads as possible.

The importance of local search is especially true in the case of chiropractors.

As you can see, we have been successful in helping chiropractors achieve first page listings on google for local search.

Please contact us if you would like discuss what we can do for you. However, we work with a limited number of chiropractors per area because the number of listings that appear on the first page of google is 10. Obviously no one can get more than 10 chiropractors to show on page one of the Google search results page.

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