Pay Per Click Advertising Promotion

Pay Per Click Advertising Promotion
Help new customers find you!
Advertise on Google!
  • You pay only when someone clicks on your ad so if you allocate $100 and pay 50 cents per click you would have 200 warm leads to your website! These are people who are interested in what you offer!
  • It’s fast – Ads can be up and running within minutes and can be targeted to any town, region, or country!
  • Pause your advertising campaign at any time – there’s no minimum term or commitment and you can make changes or adjustments any time you like.
  • Help new customers find you – using Google Search Pay Per Click Advertising attracts only people who are looking for exactly what you offer!
Promotion Includes
  • Google Adwords Account SetupKeyword Research and Selection
  • Website Landing Page designed to funnel traffic to your goal
  • Up to 3 Ad Groups containing up to 3 Ads each
  • Ads will be tested and tweaked during management period
  • Additional keywords will be researched and added during management period
  • $100 applied to Advertising account
  • 2 weeks of management and monitoring by Certified Adwords Individual*
Pricing Details
The package cost is $250
After the $100 advertising fund is depleted you have the option to continue by applying more funds to your advertising campaign.
After 2 weeks of management and monitoring you have the option to have us continue the management and monitoring of your advertising campaign at $50/month or simply manage it yourself at no charge.
Call 320-491-4732 for more information or to sign up today!
* A Google Adwords Certified Individual has passed the Google Adwords Certification Exam.
Please note that this is a temporary promotion that may be changed or discontinued at any time.

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