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Do you have a linked-in account? If so, is it helping your business? Many people have a linked-in account but could just as well not have one because they are not using it. If you want it to work for you then you have to be a little proactive with it.

Linked-in describes themselves as the world’s largest professional network with over 75 million members.

The first thing to do is make sure you have filled out all the information in your profile. This is an opportunity to make your account more capable of attracting business for you!  I just read an article by Penny Butler about how to keyword optimize your linked-in account. I would recommend following her advice.Know what words people use when they are looking for your type of business and use those words in the description of your linked-in summary, specialties, and work experience.

The second thing to do is find and join some linked-in groups that are related to your business. Read more about linked-in groups here. Groups will help you stay informed and get involved in your professional topics as well as help you make new connections. That’s what business is all about, making connections, building relationships, getting leads, and acquiring clients.

Linked-in profiles often appear near the top of search results pages when someone searches for your name. So if you want to put the best information about yourself in front of people then take advantage of linked-in. It’s a great opportunity to do so.

So go out and get proactive with linked-in. It’s a free and valuable online tool that can help your business.

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