Should Alexandria Businesses use Facebook Ads?

If you own or work in a business in the Alexandria area you may have wondered about or even tried using Facebook for advertising.

That’s a wise thing to do because certainly there are many people on Facebook and it’s a great way to reach them.

Some advantages are that you can control who sees your Ads and you can start and stop them anytime you like.

There are also some problems and I hear about them often.

In the past few days I’ve heard this one a lot. People will say they don’t have the login for their business Facebook account.

This is a very common problem because of a misunderstanding about how the logins are set up.

There is no such thing as a business Facebook login or account. Everyone must login to Facebook with their personal account.

Once logged in they can set up and control their Facebook Business Page, and their Facebook Ad Account while logged into their personal account. This won’t mix your personal information with your business information.

Other problems that people have involve setting up an Ad account and a Business Page. These things are not difficult as they are just a matter of filling in business information.

To create a Business Page you can click on the “Create Page” item in your dropdown menu at the upper right in the blue bar. See below…

create facebook page instructions

To set up your Ad Account you can simply go to this website address:
or you can click the boost post button when you see one. You’ll need to enter your payment method so that Facebook can charge you for your advertising. Charges occur after your Ads have run.

Your Facebook Ads can be posts that include pictures or video, they can be events, or they can be ads built around your Facebook page. Facebook makes it easy for you to create an Ad.

You’ll want to be careful about entering the amount of money you want to spend. You can enter your budget as a lifetime amount or a daily amount. You’ll also be able to enter a schedule of when to run your Ad.

The targeting will allow you to control who sees your Ad. For businesses that sell to local customers you’ll want to enter your city with a radius of up to 50 miles away depending on how far away your customers come from.

Your Ad can be a direct call to action such as a coupon offer or discount, or it can be a more general ad that increases awareness of your business in the local area.

Many businesses will try running an Ad without tracking results or paying much attention to the effectiveness of their Ad. When their Ad is done they’ll often forget about it and not continue.

It’s much better to look at your results which Facebook provides in their “Ads Manager” and try to determine if your Ad was worthwhile. Many things can be done wrong, but are fixable as you can learn what’s wrong from looking at your results. Some possible errors include showing your Ads to the wrong people, not using a very compelling picture or video, or using an ineffective message in your Ad.


Benefits of using Facebook Ads for your local business include the following.

  • It’s a very effective way to reach a lot of people for a low cost
  • You can engage with your potential customers and build awareness and reputation
  • The cost can be low
  • You can zero in on your potential customers and not waste money showing Ads to non buyers.

How to get started

Go get started, just login to your “personal” Facebook account, then build your page, set up your Ad account, and start boosting some posts. Remember to look at your results and try to make improvements along the way. Make a plan to get online every week and get into a routine of posting. Make a plan to do an Ad regularly. That’s the best way to learn how to make this work!

If you have questions or comments please feel free to contact me or comment below.

Thanks for reading!

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