5 Common Website Mistakes

Website Mistakes

Website Mistakes

There are dozens of website mistakes that can be discussed. I’ll focus on the five most common website mistakes. Ones that, if fixed, can create the most benefit to the website owner. Benefits such as getting more traffic, generating more visitor interaction, capturing more customer leads, and acquiring more customers.

One could categorize this into 3 areas that include technical mistakes, graphical mistakes, and marketing mistakes.

Technical mistakes are certainly important, but may be less common these days due to better website creation tools.

Graphical mistakes are more subjective and may not be considered mistakes by some. Choosing the correct colors, font sizes, pictures, and graphical elements are important.  Graphical mistakes are extremely common. How much they matter is debatable. Certainly some matter more than others.

Marketing mistakes are likely just as important as technical mistakes. Your website could be performing flawlessly (technically) but do nothing for you in terms of getting leads and customers, or whatever it is your website is supposed to do for you.

The 5 Common Website Mistakes To Avoid

  1. The website is all about the owner and not about the visitor. This may sound odd but it actually makes sense. Of course the website should be about the owner (or business).Isn’t that what the visitor wants to know about?

    Yes, that’s true. But here’s the deal. The website should certainly contain information about the website owner, but it should do so in a way that applies to the visitor. The visitor should feel that your website applies to them.

    Your website should connect with the visitor and address his/her needs. It should be what your visitor is looking for. You want your visitor to say “this is for me” when they arrive.

    Solution: Create website content that addresses the website visitor’s needs and desires. Put the information that is about you and your business on the “about us” page.

  2. The website is confusing. This problem is due to the design layout.

    There are 2 things to consider here.
    The first thing is this. When the visitor arrives at your website they should immediately know what they’re looking at. They should know that they came to the right place. If you get this wrong they’ll be gone in a split second.

    Keep your site simple and easy to read. Also consider that the visitor may first land on one of your internal pages rather than the home page. So every page is important.

    The second thing to consider is this. What do you want the visitor to do? First their attention must be captured. Then the next step must be clear. If you want them to read something make it easy for them. If you want to get them to call you make sure your phone number is extremely easy to find. If you want them to buy something make that easy too.

    Solution: Your website should be simply and easy to understand and easy to navigate.

  3. The website is out of date. Not only is it a big negative for you when visitors see outdated information, it’s also harmful to your search rankings on the search engines.

    This is sometimes a tough one to fix. Many website owners do not have the time to keep updating their website. Some businesses may have a marketing person who can handle this. It can be part of a daily or weekly routine to keep fresh content on a website. But many businesses just don’t get this done.

    The good news is that it’s not a difficult thing to fix. Part of the solution is to have a website that’s easy to update. A website that is not static, one that is built on a content management system like WordPress is a great solution.

    A content management website will usually have a blog built in. This will allow the simple procedure of logging in and adding fresh content. The content can be pictures, video, or text. If you have a static website consider converting your website to WordPress. It’s a fantastic solution.

  4. Not promoting the website. Many things can be lumped into this one. Your website can be promoted both online and offline.

    Offline methods include telling people about your website, printing your website domain name (www.yourcompany.com) on your marketing material and business cards, and any other way you can think of.

    Online methods include advertising banners on other websites, pay per click advertising on search engines, and links on other websites pointing to your website.Many of the offline methods are pretty common. Many of the online methods can be tricky. You should hire a professional internet marketer to handle pay per click advertising. SEO or Search Engine Optimization includes both website technicalities as well as building links from other websites. This may also require the assistance of an Internet Marketer.

    Just remember, using only the “Build it and they will come” method is not going to cut it.

  5. No call to action and no testimonials. I’m actually lumping 2 items into one because these two things are very important. Remember that people who are surfing the web are moving very quickly. If they don’t see what they want they’re gone in an instant. If they’re confused and don’t know what to do next, they’re gone.

    So make sure you make it extremely clear what they should do next. And make sure you call them to an action that moves them toward your goal.

    Your goal might be getting them to call you, email you, or simply read something or watch a video.

    The other thing to remember is that most of your website visitors do not know you. Since they don’t know you they don’t trust you. If you want your visitor to do something they have to trust you to some degree.

    The best way to start building trust is with testimonials from other people. Testimonials from others are far more believable than what you say about yourself. A testimonial can be text or video. Provide the name and city of the person who gave the testimonial for more credibility.

    Call your website visitors to action and support that with testimonials.

For more information on website mistakes just do a search on Google. You’ll find a lot more. For the most important information about how to help your website check with us!

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