10 Google Search Tips

Most people simply type the words that describe what they are looking for. This works fine most of the time. But you can use the power of Google to get to what you are looking for much quicker. Rather than looking through many search results or many pages of search results, you can narrow down your search results to get exactly what you are looking for. Google also offers many useful features that most people don’t even know about!

10 Google Search Tips. Some of the tips below are taken from Google’s tips for searching.

  1. Use Phrase Search – Simply put double quotes around your search term to get exactly what you looking for. For example, a search for “Alexander Bell” (with quotes) will skip pages that refer to Alexander G. Bell.
  2. Search a word exactly as is. Google searches for synonyms by default. But if you put quotes around the word it will search only for that word.
  3. Exclude terms. By putting a dash (minus sign) before a word Google will exclude that word from search results.
  4. Wildcard search. Use an asterisk to fill in a word that could be variations of a word. From Google’s example, Obama voted * on the * bill will give you stories about different votes on different bills. The * operator works only on whole words, not parts of words.
  5. Stock Lookup. Type a stock symbol and Google will return information about that stock.
  6. Calculator. Use Google as a calculator. Just type in your calculation and Google will return the answer.
  7. Word definitions. Type define:word and google will return the definition for you.
  8. Weather. Simply type weather and google will return the weather for you. If you want the weather in any city typeweather cityname
  9. Movie listings. Just type movie and you’ll see movie showtimes in your area. This one is great!
  10. Track Flight Status. Here’s an example: Delta Flight 5838

Bonus Tip: The answer to life the universe and everything. Type this into Google for the answer!

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