Internet Marketing

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Extended Keyword Research

We will find four or five keyword phrases relevant to your business.

They will be chosen from 2 perspectives:

1. Keyword phrases that people are actually using when performing searches on Google.

2. Keyword phrases our competition assessment indicates have a good chance of getting ranked in the top ten Google results.

Benefits: We make sure that your website is optimized for keywords that people are actually searching with!

Google Directory Optimizer

This service is designed to bring you more customers. Optimization of your Google Places (Google Maps) business directory listing includes text that accurately describes your business and keywords that will bring traffic. It also includes adding photos and video. Techniques are used to create a highly optimized business listing that ranks high in local search results for the keywords targeted.

Benefits: An optimized Google directory listing will help for more people to find you online and provides more opportunity to promote your business locally.

High Response Directory Optimizer

This service expands on the Google Directory Optimizer service. It further enhances your search rankings by sending strong signals of trust to Google. It also improves your rankings on those directories themselves. It includes optimization of your business directory listings in Yahoo, Bing, Insider Pages, Merchant Circle. Best of the Web, Yelp, CitySearch, Super Pages, Yellow Pages, Kudzu, Info USA, City Squares…

Benefits: More people will be able to find your business online with the High Response Directory Optimizer, locally and nationwide.

Broad Reach Directory Optimizer

This service makes your business more findable online. It also enhances your search rankings by sending strong signals of trust to Google. Descriptive and optimized text will be created and used for your business listing. Your business will be findable on social networks, online yellow pages, mobile/GPS devices, and search engines. Your business listing will be submitted to sites enabling it to appear on cell phones, 411 directory assistance, and in-car GPS navigation and telematics such as OnStar.

We submit your business listing to listing aggregators such as InfoUSA, Express Update and Acxiom. It will be submitted to more than 150 business directories and review sites such as Mapquest,, Judy’s book and more. This is an annually renewable service.

Benefits: With your prospects spending more and more time searching, surfing and socializing online, we can give you maximum reach by covering a wide array of online searches.

Google Adwords

We are certified in Google Adwords and Google Analytics. Google Adwords allows you to buy advertising on the Google search engine, or on other sites through its AdSense program. We can properly set up your Google Adwords advertising campaign and manage it for you. With our Google Adwords service we can discover the strategies that will help you find and attract more customers to your website. We will show your ads to people who are searching for your products or service.

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Benefits: Get as much website traffic as you want without having to wait for Search Engines to find you.

Competitive Business Marketing

We specialize in helping competitive businesses achieve a better online presence. With local search becoming so important, Chiropractors and other competitive businesses, must optimize their online presence to show in local search results. If you are in a competitive business, like a Chiropractor, than we can make a huge difference for you with the amount of website traffic you will receive.

SEO for local businessIn the picture above you can see that Heinz Family Chiropractic is listed first, A, B, C & D are local listings in Alexandria, MN. Heinz Family Chiropractic one of our clients, we helped them get ranked in Google. Previously they were not showing at all in the search listing results. This is proof of what we have done for a Chiropractor, there are approx. 30 different Chiropractic clinics in Alexandria, and what we can do for other competitive businesses.

Local search queries are extremely hot leads! It is especially true for chiropractors, as well as dentist, hair salons and any business that competes heavily against one another in their local areas to capture as many leads as possible.

For more information, read our article on the importance of local search.

We have been successful in helping chiropractors, hair salons and other competitive businesses achieve first page listings on Google for local search.

Please contact us if you would like discuss what we can do for you.

Search Optimization helps promote your Website

It is a process that starts with a diagnostics check if you already have a website and checking out your competitors websites. From keyword research to back linking to optimizing image tags and footers. No matter how you attract customers, Search Optimization is a very important part to promote your website online.

Local SEO for local businesses

Local Search involves people searching for local products or services online. Local Search Engine Optimization is extremely important to businesses that sell products or offer services locally. With the search engines displaying your local search results on Page 1, this offers a huge opportunity for your businesses get more local customers.

Pay Per Click Advertising must be done properly

Pay Per Click Advertising can be extremely effective if applied properly. It is the process of using paid advertisments that show on the top and in the rightmost column of search results. Databae Systems is certified in Google’s Pay Per Click Advertising solution called Adwords.

However, we work with a limited number of competitive businesses per area.

The number of listings that appear on the first page of Google is 10. Obviously no one can get more than 10 Chiropractors or Dentists to show on page one of the Google search results page.

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