This tutorial uses the mobile wallet.

Step 1: Tap the “My BTC Wallet >”:



Step 2: Tap the sprocket icon in the upper right (settings for BTC Wallet):


Step 3: Scroll down to the security-backup option:


Step 4: Tap the “backup” option:


Step 5: Read and tap “Got it”:


Step 6: Read and tap “I understand”:


Step 7: Write down your 12 seed words.

This last screen will show you 12 words that are your backup seed words. Write each word on a piece of paper and secure that piece of paper in a safe place where it won’t get destroyed, lost, or stolen.

DO NOT type these 12 words into your computer and print them. Why? Because malware can easily record the words and enable a hacker to recreate your wallet and steal your bitcoin money!


Why is this bitcoin wallet backup so important?

If you have money that you don’t want lost then it’s important. If you don’t care if you lose your money then it’s not important.

If you lose your smartphone or if it gets stolen, your bitcoin goes along with it. Unless you have your backup seed words.


How to Recover Your Wallet

You simply install your bitcoin app on your new smartphone and use your backup seed words to recreate your original wallet.

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