Profiting from Facebook Ads

Some thoughts about using Facebook Ads to reach people, promote stuff, earn money

Before I get started, I want to mention that I have a new website that has a lot of Facebook advertising information. So check that out too.

On Oct 21, 2015, I watched a 3 hour webinar about using Facebook Ads.

jeff at databae systems

Much of it was just them trying to sell me their additional training.

But some of it was good content.

Here's what I learned, so you don't have to spend 3 hours watching a webinar!

These were the headlines advertising the Webinar:

  • The $20-a-day Facebook Strategy that produces more
    than a 5-10 times return, EVERYDAY!
    (It’s fast and easy once you learn how.)
  • 3 simple steps to creating an additional income
    stream using Facebook Ads. Once in place, this
    system can literally run on auto-pilot providing
    passive income while you focus on other things.
  • Little known but incredibly effective strategies
    from inside of successful Facebook campaigns...

The webinar presenters say they are making from $100 to $1000 a day while spending only $20/day on facebook ads.

Is this true? I don't know. But I do think their strategies are valid. So maybe it is true.

How do they do it?

Step by step from the Webinar

First write some blog posts on your website. The posts would be about your topic - what you do, what you teach, what you sell.

Then write facebook posts that point to them with a link. So you are sending people from facebook to your website blog posts.

Create a Facebook Ad and use the "send people to your website" Objective. (with a retargeting pixel in place - more on this below).

So now you are getting people to visit your website again, but this time you are getting a lot more people because you are running a Facebook Ad.

QuickTip: How do you create a Facebook Ad? You can boost any post by clicking the blue button "Boost Post". This then becomes what we are referring to as a Facebook Ad.

When the Facebook Ad is done running, like after a week or so, you create another Facebook Ad, but this time it points (with a link) to your landing page (which is a page asking visitors to enter their email address or even buy something).

Use the "send people to your website" objective on this one too.

AND on this second Facebook Ad you change your targeting audience to your custom audience that includes everyone who visited your website by clicking on the first Facebook Ad.

So these people are hot leads.

And they are the ONLY people you are advertising to with this second Facebook Ad. This is retargeting in action.

More notes from the Webinar

Spend $20/day and make $100-$1000/day - how?

Use FB promoted post to send people to your landing page that sells a small item or certificates, etc.

For them it was a small information product that they don't even have to mail because it's just an electronic download from their website. Like a short lesson on how to write better Facebook Ads.

Use FB retargeting to re-advertise to people who clicked to your landing page from Facebook. As described above.

But you have to have something of value that people want to buy!

Facebook Ads (Posts)
1. Make ad easy to read - black red text
2. Track your results

Who can do this?
Dentists, wholesalers, contractor services, gym memberships, specialty products, etc...

Really anyone who has something to sell.

Really Big Tip
Don't bring people from FB directly to an offer.

Bring them to a value page first, a page that gives them value for nothing in return.

Then retarget them later and bring them to the offer page.

You are then spending your FB advertising money only on people who you already know are interested in what you offer.


FB Targeting - you can target by location, demographics, behaviors, and interests.

FB ReTargeting - advertising to people who have already visited your website. This is the Key! - Analyze what content performs best for any topic or competitor

Interest in learning more?

I'm planning a local Facebook advertising seminar in Alexandria.

The date is not set yet - but let me know if you'd like to attend.

Just call me at 320-491-4732 or email me at

Thanks for your interest!

For some of the savy marketers, Facebook is the most profitable way to acquire leads and customers.

Even though Facebook IS a social networking website, this is not about turning into a social media expert.

It's plain old fashioned advertising that works. And it's more powerful and cost efficient than anything I know of.

I myself have used it to acquire customers within 24 hours of placing an Ad.

It's amazing how fast and efficient it can be.

There's no doubt, any business that needs exposure and needs it now can quickly get it.