Facebook Ads Start Up Kit

How to Run Facebook Ads Without Wasting Money - For Beginning Advertisers

Free Startup Kit - How To:

  1. Set up your ad account
  2. Set up your website tracking code (Pixel)
  3. Set up your audiences
  4. Set up your first ad
  5. Set up more ads with various types
  6. Power tips for better results
  7. Avoid Wasting Money on Facebook Ads

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You'll save time and money with this step by step process. It's easy and it's the right way to do it!

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You'll Get More Exposure on Facebook

Remember these Facebook Basics:

  • Set up your Facebook Page with accurate information and a nice cover photo.
  • Don't use a new login. Use your personal Facebook login. You'll always use Facebook with your personal login. You can do everything you need to do for your business pages and advertising with the same personal login.
  • When working with your business page use the Facebook business manager, or use the Facebook Pages app on mobile devices.

Important Facebook Advertising Tips:

  • Don't try selling directly from Facebook, make connections instead
  • Your posts and ads must be entertaining, fun, or helpful. Never boring. Be different.
  • Make a plan and stick to it
  • Try many variations of ads to determine what works best

Don't underestimate the power of these very important and effective tips. Most people don't do these things or even think about them. They can make a huge difference in helping you get the most from Facebook for your business.

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  • Set up your Ad Account
  • Set up your website tracking code (Facebook Pixel)
  • Set up your audiences
  • Set up your first ad
  • Set up 10 more ads and schedule them to run later

Why this is very good thing to do

Not only will you get your Facebook Ads running, you'll have extra powerful tips about how to beat your competition with your Facebook ads. If you do even half of this you’ll leave your competition way behind. It takes a little understanding of some key points. That’s why most of your competition doesn’t do it. They don't understand. But it’s not that hard. I'll show you the easiest and most effective things you can do to make a huge impact.

Why Trust Me on This?

I've been building websites and working with Online Marketing including Google Adwords and Facebook Ads for many years. I belong to 2 of the top internet marketing and Facebook advertising mastermind groups, so I keep up to date on the latest information, and the most effective methods used by the experts to get the most from Facebook ads and online marketing. I currently manage both Google and Facebook advertising for several clients.

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