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We offer custom web design services and website hosting.

Most businesses and organizations need a custom website. To stand apart from your competition and compete with them online you need a professional website.

Jeff Meland, Web Design MN

Jeff Meland, Owner of Databae Systems

Custom web design consists of designing and setting up a website. It also involves understanding website visitors. It requires understanding marketing as it applies to acquiring leads and customers.

Your website should be designed in such as way as to attract visitors and get those visitors to perform an action such as calling your business, submitting their email address, or purchasing something. Many web designers fall short when it comes to the call to action phase. Simply designing a professional and attractive looking website is not enough. Do you think your website visitors really care that your website is attractive? What they really care about is what is going on in their own mind. They care about what they are looking for. They need quick answers. And so you must understand why those visitors are there if you’re going to get them to act.

Custom web design is more than the look and feel of your website. It’s more than the color and fancy pictures or slideshows. It’s about your website visitors. It’s about attracting leads and customers for your business.

The websites that we design for our clients are built to attract leads and customers. We believe it’s important to understand what the website visitors want and give it to them. This is the key to success. Too many websites are just an online brochure that brags about the business. This is the natural and all too common assumption when building websites. The website should provide information about the business, that’s true. But it must provide what the visitors are looking for. It should capture leads and generate new customers.

Some of the services that we provide besides custom web design and website hosting are as follows.
1. Email marketing
2. Email setup and integration into your website
3. Contact forms integrated into your website
4. Maps integrated into your website
5. Pictures, video, slideshows
6. Domain name registration
7. Pay per click advertising
8. Search engine optimization
9. Local search optimization

We’ve been building websites since 2003. The technology we use has changed and gotten better. There’s not better time to build, or rebuild your website. Our web design process creates powerful, database driven websites that are easy to maintain and easy to change. They are backed up regularly. They are totally owned by you, our client. They are optimized for search and designed to attract and engage website visitors.

I hope you will contact me for more information about web design or any related service that we might be able to provide for you. I’d be glad to talk with you about your website needs. Thanks for visiting!

Contact us for custom web design. Call or send us an email. When it comes to custom web design companies we are an excellent choice. We are located in Alexandria, MN.

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