You have found one of many web design companies offering custom web design services.

We offer the following custom web design services.
1. Custom web design and development and website hosting
2. Website tracking integration with Google Analytics
3. Email and contact form integration and setup
4. Pay per click advertising and account management
5. Domain registration
6. Marketing advice and direct response methods applied to website design
7. SEO

We are unique among custom web design companies in that we apply marketing methods to everything we do.

We do everything in terms of how it will help attract leads and customers and make sales.

Our web design process involves defining the goals and objects of the entire website as well as each web page within that website. If you’re going to have a website you might as well make the most of it. Too many websites do nothing to collect leads and customers. A lot of opportunity is lost if you leave out the marketing part of web design.

Searching for a custom web design company is a challenge. Some things to consider are listed here.
1. How many years has the web company been around and how long do you think they will be around?
2. How many websites have they designed and can you see them?
3. What platform do they use to build and host websites?
4. Do they use a blogging platform such as WordPress? (we do). This is becoming the norm.
5. Do they know anything about marketing?

Of course the cost of web design services matters to most as well. This should always be a consideration.

I have found that prices for web design are all over the board. There is such a huge range in prices and those prices don’t seem to match the services you get in return.

We try to be as fair as possible. We know that web design can be expensive but we do not take advantage of that.

Knowledge is valuable and a fair price is often commanded. But competition is also in play. I think you will find that our prices are very fair, especially for the level of expertise that we offer in both the technical area and the marketing area.

Thanks for visiting and please call me or send an email. I’d be happy to talk with you about websites and internet opportunities for your business or organization!

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