Web Reformation Kit for Churches

I hope you'll find this information useful. It's packed with good solutions to the many common problems with church websites and related online issues.

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Step 1

A better website. Organization and Information

In the video below we'll run through the best and most important points about making your website better and more useful.

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Step 3
Step 4
Step 5
Step 6
Step 7

A better website - organization and information

Simplify and organize. Get your contact information and service times where people can easily find them. How many Page Tabs should you have? Only about 6 or 7. What does your church look like? People want to know. Get some good pictures on your home page. Think of questions that people might have and answer them.

Website Platform (wordpress and beaver builder)

This is important. Here's the quick answer. WordPress. WordPress is used for more websites than any other platform. It's easy to use and very powerful. Add the power and fantastic interface provided by Beaver Builder and you've got the perfect solution.

How to make website changes - the easy way!

This quick video shows how easy it is to make website changes using WordPress and Beaver Builder.

The best email solution

Gsuite for non profits - https://support.google.com/nonprofits/answer/3367223
We'll look at this great solution for email that also gives you a lot more.

A great way to add YouTube Videos to your website

Video has been around a while, but it's getting really popular as internet speeds increase and computers and mobile devices become more powerful. We'll look at how to upload videos, create a YouTube Playlist, and embed the videos in your website.

A couple tips that get amazing results when recording sermons and other events at church

You'll be amazed at how much better the sound is when you use this method, especially for sermons. If you have a sound board and can get an audio feed from it, then you only need a couple pieces of equipment to make this work great. And it's very inexpensive. We'll also talk about video image quality. Most people recording video don't bother with this but it makes video look so much better.

How to Make your Facebook Page a success AND how to embed it into your website

First we'll cover some tips on how to get your Facebook Page really active and popular. Then we'll show you the easy steps on how to embed that Facebook Page into your website.

The Web Reformation Kit for Churches

Church Website Solutions

Common Problems with Church Websites

  • Website never gets updated - it’s hard to update the website
  • Cluttered and unorganized
  • Visitors can’t find what they're looking for
  • Congregation doesn’t use it - nobody goes there
  • Don’t know which website solution to choose
  • Website has an old and outdated look
  • Not mobile friendly
  • Our staff doesn’t have control of the website
  • People cannot easily interact or communicate using our website
  • Hard to find the church service times
  • Hard to find where the church is located
  • Hard to find the phone number of the church office
  • Hard to find who the pastors (and staff) are
  • When staff changes it’s hard to add and remove email addresses
  • Don't know how to share sermons and special events
  • Don't know how to add Video of the sermons and other events
  • We want to add Facebook to our Website but can't

Imagine your church website being easy to update, always accurate and filled with useful information, used by more people both within your congregation and outside visitors, and is fun to use and fun to work with. That’s the kind of website your church should have.

There is a way to handle these problems that won’t cost much and won’t take much time. In fact it can save a lot of time while saving cost.

  • An easy way to organize your website so people can find what they need
  • Easy to update the website, quick tutorials show how in just a few minutes
  • Mobile friendly platform that works great on desktops, tablets, and smartphones
  • Easy way to add and remove email addresses using free google email accounts with your own domain name (jack@firstlutheran.com)
  • How to use YouTube to easily save and display your videos on your website - sermons and special events can be saved, displayed, and archived for the future
  • How to get the best sound and picture quality in your videos, including which tools and equipment work best yet still cost very little
  • How to add Facebook to your Website

Solve the problems of a tired old website that’s hard to keep updated.

Get the quick and easy info on the new technology that’s easy to use today. Much of it is free.

Learn how easy changes can be implemented. Steps that are actually very quick and cost effective.