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Top 5 Internet Tools for Local Businesses

Businesses want to know this. What’s the best tools for using the Internet for my business. So I put together a short list of the top 5 tools for local businesses. Click here for the Free Report These are the basics but also the basic most important tools. Really they are “Must haves”. I hope…

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How to add wordpress page

Here’s 2 videos. One shows how to add a wordpress page in 1 minute. The other video shows how to change a wordpress website page in 1 minute. How to add a wordpress website page. How to change a wordpress website page in 1 minute.

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The Mobile Internet

It’s been happening for a while now. People are accessing the Internet using smartphones even more than with PCs in some countries. The trend continues. The Internet seems to be turning into the “Mobile Internet”. I wrote a bit about it in my July Newsletter here: July 2013 Newsletter

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Auditing And SEO For Your Website

This is a guest article by Maria Rodriguez. Performing an audit of your website can be useful not only for understanding how it can be improved, but also for an in-depth analysis of any potential problems that may exist. The value of a thorough search of your website should not be underestimated. Many people overlook…

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Progress Report 2013

Databae Systems has been building websites for local businesses since 2005. We also offer Internet advertising and marketing solutions. We have training and experience with pay per click advertising within both Google Adwords, Bing Ad Center, and Facebook advertising. We offer many solutions for businesses to advertise and promote themselves on the Internet. Our primary…

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Boost your web presence by imposing quality content in your website

Are you still stuffing your website articles with as many keywords as possible to get high traffic and higher ranking on Google? If yes, then let me tell you that if you are just focusing on keywords and not on quality of the articles then the desired results will elude you. After Panda and Penguin…

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