Get your news from Facebook?

businesswoman and social media

I always cringe when I see businesses with signs that say “find us on Facebook”. I think to myself: Why promote Facebook? Why provide free advertising for Facebook? What did Facebook do for you? What has Facebook done for your business? Well, they have provided a platform for you to use. Facebook has built their…

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Do I Need a Website if I Have a Facebook Page?

do I need a website or Facebook page?

Do you need a house if you have a camper? Do you need a car if you have a motorcycle? Do you need a bed if you have a cot? Do you need a coat if you have a sweater? Do you need a website if you have a Facebook page? The answer varies from…

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How to Get Google Reviews

online reviews

They’re valuable. Google reviews are valuable. You should have more of them. Right? Here’s how to get more Google reviews. And I mean good reviews, not bad ones. First of all, view the video below to see exactly how to get your review link set up. Then follow this strategy. First of all, you don’t…

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Is Your Website Broken?

Jeff at databae systems web design

Maybe your website isn’t broken but maybe it’s just not working for you. If it’s up and running that’s good. But there are many common mistakes seen on so many websites. Like being too cluttered, too unclear, too flashy, too confusing, and too boring. Let’s take a look at some easy things you can to…

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Get More Local Business from the Web – 3 Simple Steps

jeff meland web design alexandria mn

Why do your competitor’s websites show up before yours on the Google search page? Why do they show up ahead of you on the Google Maps page? What can you do to change it and get your business showing up higher on the search results so more people will find you? Most of what needs…

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5 Online Marketing Steps for Local Business

To help your business get more exposure online you need these 5 things. Basic but extremely powerful. They matter a lot! We’ll go through these 5 steps and explain how and why they matter so much when it comes to getting your business found online. It’s more important than ever in 2016 and the years…

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Why It’s Vital To Have A Mobile Friendly Website

Why It’s Vital To Have A Mobile Friendly Website Guest post by Jessica Kane… One of the major problems traditionally facing web developers has always been a consistent appearance for their site from device to device and browser to browser. This has never been a bigger issue than now, when the web is being viewed…

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Website Problems in Alexandria

Actually, it’s not just Alexandria, it’s everywhere. This is good information for local businesses and organizations who might be thinking about improving their websites. So here’s some really important things to know about your website. Your website should contrast you from your competition both visually and in terms of what you offer. It should connect…

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Is your website mobile friendly?

Mobile Friendly Websites What makes a website mobile friendly? Well, if you go to a website on your smartphone and can read it and navigate through it to find what you want, then it’s mobile friendly. But what does Google think? You can have Google check any website almost instantly at this link: How…

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Top 5 ways to advertise on the Internet

A similar list to the other one. This report lists the top 5 ways to advertise on the Internet. This is meant for local businesses. Click here to download this Free Report For more information contact me! Jeff – 320-491-4732

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