Track Phone Calls on Google Ads

phone call tracking with google ads

When someone clicks on your Google Ad and arrives at your website the next action they take may be to pick up their phone and call you. This action is valuable and it indicates that your Google ad paid off. It may or may not result in a sale, but it’s the best a Google…

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Will the Government Take Facebook Away from You?

eye privacy on facebook

Do you like chocolate? If you visit a website that sells chocolate, then later use Facebook, you might see ads for chocolate. Ads from the very same chocolate company who’s website you visited earlier. Has your privacy been violated? Should there be laws against that? Is your privacy being violated when you see ads (on…

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Save Local News, Facebook and Google to the Rescue?

snow on road and local news online

Have you ever wondered how the roads are before going on a trip in the winter when it’s snowing? This happens to me quite often in the upper midwest where I live. When it does, I always try to find a local, very recent report of the road conditions. Where do I look? Sometimes people…

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Get your news from Facebook?

businesswoman and social media

I always cringe when I see businesses with signs that say “find us on Facebook”. I think to myself: Why promote Facebook? Why provide free advertising for Facebook? What did Facebook do for you? What has Facebook done for your business? Well, they have provided a platform for you to use. Facebook has built their…

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Do I Need a Website if I Have a Facebook Page?

do I need a website or Facebook page?

Do you need a house if you have a camper? Do you need a car if you have a motorcycle? Do you need a bed if you have a cot? Do you need a coat if you have a sweater? Do you need a website if you have a Facebook page? The answer varies from…

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How to Reach Local Customers with Facebook

local shoppers

Facebook has something designed especially for local businesses. Local businesses that need to reach more customers. It’s called local awareness ads. Local awareness ads are intended to reach your potential customers in the local area. If you need a relatively inexpensive method to do this, local awareness ads are how to reach local customers with…

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Facebook for Business Tutorial

women looking at computer screen

If you’re using Facebook for your business that’s great. If not, you probably should be. In either case, there are some things you should know. So here’s a Facebook for Business Tutorial that will help you get much more out of it and help you focus on the important points. Some types of businesses can…

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How to Setup Your Facebook Pixel


The Facebook Pixel is code given to you by Facebook to copy and paste into your website. The Facebook Pixel enables tracking of people who visited your website so you can show ads to them later. While they are on Facebook. The process is called retargeting. The people you show ads to are called a…

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How to Make Better Facebook Ads

how to make better facebook ads

The need for more than one Ad Most people don’t do this. It’s like a dirty little secret that nobody knows. But when they see it, it’s so simple. It just makes sense. It has the potential to give you a huge advantage over the competition. An unfair advantage. As an analogy, let’s say you…

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