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We are here to offer you the best web design services that you can find.

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I’m hoping that we are the best web design company that you can find. We definitely are unique in some of the services we offer.

Jeff Meland, Web Design MN

Jeff Meland, Owner of Databae Systems

We offer Web design and website hosting services for small businesses and organizations.

Most of our customers are in central Minnesota but many are out of state as well.

We enjoy building professional looking websites that are effective and efficient.

We thinks it’s important to take advantage of the fact that your website can do more than just be an online brochure.

Your website can attract leads and generate new business!

The key to making your website do this is to define it’s objective and then build the site to achieve that objective. In fact every page of your website should have it’s own specific objective. Your website can attract visitors. Then it can collect leads in the form of email addresses or phone calls. It can inform your visitors about your business or organization. It can sell things to your visitors. So much is possible if it’s designed correctly.

I invite you to contact me. Give me a call or send an email. I’d be happy to talk with you about your website ideas and needs.

Check our portfolio page for some of the websites we’ve developed and still host. Many of the websites we build are for service businesses. Many are for professionals. Some are for retail stores. Some are for non profit organizations.

We use a very powerful and effective platform to build websites. It allows unlimited content and offers fantastic search optimization build in. The look and feel is totally flexible. We’re very excited about designing websites because of all the power and opportunities we have at our disposal.

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