Looking for affordable web design services? We are among the most fair priced web designers in Minnesota. We are interested in providing a website that will give you a good return on investment. An good web designer should do that. A good web designer should be affordable too, if what they provide is a good return on investment.

Jeff Meland, Web Design MN

Jeff Meland, Owner of Databae Systems

Your website should be simple and easy for website visitors to read and navigate through. It should provide your website visitors with what they are looking for. Various things help with making a website simple and easy as well as powerful and easy to find. Your website should look professional and be easy to understand.

Too many websites are cluttered with too much information. Website visitors need information but it should be easy to find and easy to read. Many websites use text that is too small. They don't use enough headlines. They don't separate pieces of text to make it easier to read. The list goes on and on.

Many websites are not optimized properly for search engines. They don't use proper words in title tags. They don't do keyword research and so they don't know which words people use when searching for their type of product or service. They don't build back links to get traffic which also helps to optimize their site.

Many businesses and organizations will publicize their website domain name by using it in advertising and marketing. This is a a good thing but it's not enough. How many times have you seen a website domain name on a car or truck, then went home to your computer and typed in that domain name to find that website? I don't believe I have ever done that. Even if I wanted to I probably would have forgotten the domain name by the time I got home.

People have the right idea, you must advertise and market your business. But I think it might be more effective to advertise your website to people online while they are at their computer. But I'd still recommend including your website domain name on your business card and other printed materials such as brochures and letterhead.

Please contact us for more information. Check our portfolio page for examples of other websites we've built.  We are an excellent choice when it comes to affordable web design companies. We are located in Alexandria, MN.

Web design consists of identifying the purpose of a website. The purpose should be defined as something more than just another place to talk about your business. It can be only that but why not take advantage of the opportunity to make it something more?

What more can a website be than just another place to talk about your business? It can be a lead generation machine. It can be a sales machine. It can attract new customers as well as inform existing ones of things they don't know.

If your website is not set up to capture your website visitors email address you may be missing out on a huge opportunity. By collecting email addresses you can begin contacting those people who expressed interest in your business. They are your potential customers. All of this can be automated too!

Most businesses accept phone calls in hopes of acquiring new customers. Those businesses should have their phone number displayed on every page and it should be extremely easy to find. Give your visitors every possible way to contact you. Make it easy for them and prompt them with incentives. Coupons are probably the most common way to provide incentives for people to contact you.

Websites must be set up with a domain name and hosted on a server. There are many options for hosting websites. I recommend using a well known company such as Godaddy, Bluehost, or Hostgator. These companies provide everything needed to set up and host your website. You can register your domain name with the same company or with a different one. Domain name hosting costs about $10 per year. Website hosting ranges from less than $20 per year and up depending on the features purchased.

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