Adwords Kit

jeff melandThis "Adwords Kit" will get you going with Google Ads on the Google Display Network. Just follow the steps and you'll quickly have your Ads up and running. We are covering only the big, important points that you'll need. 

When you get all these steps done you'll have a solid foundation. Your account will be set up so you can move ahead and not worry about wasting money.

NOTE: If you need help or would like to have someone do this for you, contact me at

Step 1

Set up your Google Adwords Account.

If you haven't done so already, set up your Adwords account by going to

You'll be prompted to login to your existing Google (Gmail) account or sign up for one if you don't have one.

Important! You might see a short paragraph that says "We recommend Adwords Express for your business". You don't want that! You should see a link that says Switch to Adwords. Click that link. Like this:

Follow the steps through the setup process. You'll enter your billing information as well. You won't get charged for anything until you start running Ads. When you do start running Ads you can set a daily spending limit as well as a limit on what you pay for clicks. You can also pause your Ads at any time. Nothing will start running until you have created an Ad campaign with Ads in it.

Step 2

During the setup process you'll be prompted to start setting up an Ad campaign along with Ads. Google wants to get you going right away! 

Here are some choices to make during setup:

  • Set your daily budget to what you want to spend
  • Set your location to the area you want to advertise in
  • Don't bother to choose "Display Network". The setup automatically sets up either a "Search" or "Search with Display Select" campaign. We don't want either one. We want to create a "Display Only" campaign. We'll deal with this after we're done with setup.
  • Enter just one keyword (enter "business" if you are in the business to business sector, enter clothing if you sell clothes, etc). For this campaign it doesn't matter because we'll be deleting or pausing it.
  • Finish setup by entering your credit card.

When you are done going through setup, you'll have a Search Campaign (or a Search with Display Select Campaign). You'll want to pause or delete this campaign. We'll cover that in our next step.

Step 3

Click the "All campaigns" header in the upper left. Like this:


Click the "Campaigns" tab. Like this:


Pause or delete your existing campaign (the one that was created during setup). Like this:

Step 4

Add a new Campaign. This will be your "Display Network only" campaign. Like this:

Give your campaign a name. Include the word "Display" in the name for easy reference. Choose "Marketing objectives" and "Build awareness". Like this:

Next enter the location you want to advertise in. This is important of course. You don't want your Ads to be showing all over the country if you only sell to people locally.

The default bid strategy is Viewable CPM which means (Cost per thousand times your Ad was shown). This is fine, or you can select Manual CPC (cost per click). I'd enter $1 for max CPC if you do Manual CPC.

Enter your daily budget.

You can leave the rest of the screen at the defaults unless you want to select a schedule or look into the Ad delivery options.

Step 5

On this next screen you'll enter Ad group information. Choose a name, max bid, and landing page (your website domain name such as

For targeting your Ads choose "Use a different targeting method" and choose "Display keywords". Like this:

Enter a keyword. Notice that you have to click the "Add keywords" button at the bottom. Like this:

Step 6

Now we'll create your Ads.


Select View Ad ideas. Like this:


Enter your domain name where it says "Enter the page your ad will link to". Then click the "Show me ideas" button. Like this:


Next you'll see the various Ads that you can choose from. These can be modified with different text, colors, and pictures. You can also preview the sample ad sizes.

Step 7 (Extremely Important)

To avoid wasting money you need to do this.

Go into your targeting and add a campaign exclusion. The exclusion is "". If you don't do this you'll waste your money.

Select the "Display Network" tab then click the +Targeting button. Like this:

Under Campaign exlusions select "Placements". Like this:

Enter "" into the box and click the "Add placements" button. Like this:

Be sure to click the "Save" button at the bottom after the above changes.

Final Step

Your Ads will start running when they are approved. This usually takes less than an hour.

Make sure your budget is set so you don't spend more than you intend to.

Also double check your location setting in your Campaign Settings.

After running your Ads for a few days look at the placements tab under the Display Network tab. There you'll see which websites your Ads appeared on and where clicks happened. If you see that your Ads are appearing on websites that don't benefit you, then you can exclude those websites. You can also experiment with various topics, keywords, and interests to discover which provide the best results.