Listed below are some of the tools that I am familiar with and use with websites and internet marketing.

Website Design and Development
Wordpress - The most popular open source web development platform.

Artisteer - An excellent website design program that runs on your PC.

Use Artisteer and WordPress together to create great websites!

I always recommend Gmail. Not only is it dependable, powerful, fun and easy to use, it's free too! You can even use your website domain name by signing up with Google Docs. Sign up here for Gmail.

Email Marketing
There are a huge number of choices here. To name a few: constant contact, aweber, mail-chimp, icontact. We use aweber because it's easy to use, dependable, and create great web signup forms.

Website Hosting
Want to host your own site?
We recommend Hostgator for web hosting.
Or, if you'd like us to host for you, that's even easier!

Making Money on the Internet
So many people are trying to sell information about how to make money online. Click here to find out more about this excellent program

Finally I have found someone who seems very honest and actually provides very practical information. It's not all theory like so many scammers use. I highly recommend this program. I am a member and have gone through all of it.

It's probably the most useful program I have seen about how to make money online. It covers every step and it's easy to understand.

By clicking the link you'll learn more, without any obligation to buy anything. It's worth a look. Here's the link again...
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