A Little Mistake

A Little Mistake that Cost $497.32

jeff melandThis happened on a Google Adwords advertising campaign. But the same thing can happen with Facebook Ads.

The mistake was that the geographic location was NOT narrowed down at all.

The Ads were showing all over the world. It doesn’t take long to burn through money when your audience is the whole world.

The problem was quickly fixed by specifying a local advertising location to narrow the audience that would see the Ads.

This can happen with Facebook Ads too! Actually the default geographic location for advertising on Facebook is the whole country.

If you don’t set it to your local area you’d be running your Ads to the whole country. Like this:
ScreenHunter_97 Oct. 26 15.49

For some advertisers that’s OK of course. Some sell to the whole country. But for most local businesses they don’t.

It’s common to set the geographic location to something like this: (50 mile radius of your town)
facebook ad location setting

For larger cities you might specify a smaller radius. You can specify a minimum of 10 miles and a maximum of 50 miles for the radius.

There are many more ways to narrow down your audience. This is very powerful. It’s the way to maximize your advertising dollar.

For example if you sell women’s clothing, you can advertise only to women. If you own a bridal store you can advertise to people who are engaged to be married. If you are a financial planner you can advertise to people who are age 50 and older.

There’s a lot you can do with Facebook Ads targeting. But start with getting the basics right first!

Thanks for reading!

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